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    The Electoral College and the Popular Vote

    The electoral college is something that is on everyone’s mind after the previous two presidential elections. Most will admit that to some degree the electoral college is flawed, however, the disagreement comes whether or not we should repeal and...

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  • I knew that minority communities have historically struggled with substance abuse, but I had never realized how bad it was in the native community. Do you know why that is? I am aware that Indigenous people in the U.S and Canada face unique issues such as the problems with reservations, environmentally and otherwise, as well as the missing native…Read More

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    I agree that restraining orders don’t work how they were intended to be. However, do you think that maybe a gps tracker would be an invasion of privacy for the perpetrator. While yes there needs to be solution to this issue, I just don’t know if this is it.

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    Hawaii's Gun Laws and How They Reflect on the Nation

    Gun control has been the subject of much back and forth within the past decade. Many believe that guns are the problem and the solution is to restrict those who can buy them. Others are on the complete other...

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    • Dear yara i agree with you yes gun are the problems from today and around the world because many people getting killed by a single shot for no reason and i don’t think that a good ideas especially for young kids cause they going to think oh that look fun to do and i see many young kids playing with guns and shot the self by accident and i think everyone should talk about this and take this for real.

    • Gun laws are currently a problem in our society. From what I have read from this, it seems that Hawaiian laws are working well. Just leaves me with this question, why isn’t this being put into place in the mainland united states. I don’t think that the right of owning a gun should be banned in any way. It just needs to be regulated properly, to prevent any event that causes many to die.

    • I would disagree that “more guns is the solution.” A lot of tragedies have happened due to people who have access to guns. Many guns have landed in the hands of the wrong people which led to many deaths/ incidents. Even those who do have the right to own a gun have used it wrongfully. I think that picking and choosing who gets to have a gun is very risky since we never know what the outcome of the decision will be. I hope that gun violence goes down soon and there is a solution for this to happen.

    • Hi, I like your post because I think gun laws are one of many problems today. From what I read it seems to work in Hawaii. Will they ever make this law for the mainlands? With all these restrictions and how hard it is to get a hand on a gun but still people are able to purchase. Would you think it would be a good idea to ban guns once and for all? And only let them be allowed for those in the military or some type of service?

    • I do believe this is something we should look into. Guns make it significantly easier to kill people. That is why they are bad. More control on who we let have guns should make that issue significantly less bad.

  • I think that especially because children are at a higher risk than the average person it is neglectful to rush into reopening schools. I think Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, said that only 14,000 children would die making it seem like it was a small number. I think that one child dead is too many. We should not be putting our children at…Read More

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