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  • I think that this is a really important thing to discuss. Mental health wasn’t built into the structure of modern day schools. I think that extra day simply dedicated to doing school work and getting help has really helped my stress levels as well as many others. However, in a non-online school format, do you think that one day would be plausible?…Read More

  • That is so absolutely interesting! It wasn’t until the protests in the summer of 2020 all around the world that I realized how global the problem of police brutality is. My only question is why do you think it’s a consistent issue? Is it because we put to much power into other peoples hands or is there something deeper at play here?

  • I completely agree. I really like how you said that America is the land of false advertising to some. That is absolutely true. Many come here for the many opportunities that are constantly advertised by the country, but are left disappointed when they find that it is virtually impossible to build the life you want without having an in. Why do you…Read More

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    Should Rank Choice Voting Replace the Electoral College?

    The Electoral College has been the source of great discussion on the political stage. The argument surrounding it is mostly about whether we should get rid of it entirely and replace it or not. However, there is a secondary...

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    • Yara,
      This is a very interesting approach to the flawed voting system the U.S. has in place today. We are forced to choose one candidate to represent us, when we know that they certainly don’t cover all the bases and, if they don’t win, we will most likely get stuck with the candidate with opposite views. I do feel like it will make people feel more comfortable when voting, especially those who have views across the political spectrum, however, voting is already pretty complicated and this may lead to incorrectly filled out forms. I found this pretty interesting article on what positive effects rank-choice voting could have on candidates that may be overlooked most times https://time.com/5718941/ranked-choice-voting/
      I would really love to see examples of this type of voting that probably changed the outcome of elections. Thank You!

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    Why We Should Keep the Electoral College?

    The electoral college has been a source of many people’s frustrations with the presidential voting system in the U.S. However, many still believe that the system is viable. In an article, Ken Blackwell argues that we shouldn’t be angry...

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    • I think this is a part of our government that we have to really think about when it comes to its effectiveness and why the electoral college is there in the first place. It is such a controversial topic to some people, and I find it interesting a lot of times to hear why people think the electoral college should stay in use. I think Ken Blackwell did a good job in describing one of the reasons why it would be better to keep the electoral college in place, but I still think at the end of the day the negatives outweigh the positives.

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