• Dear Edwin,
    I am interested in your oral history with your mom Dominga in Tlaxcala because I can feel the love between you and your mom. As the same immigrant like you. I’m lucky that all my family members with me. But I still can feel, the emotion in your words that you really missing your home and your mom. These really touch my heart.
    One t…[Read more]

  • The first time I met him on the day I start my seventh-grade class. He is tall and skinny, small head, and really small eyes. His voice is quiet and calm. He is a nice person. Anything you want him to

    • I am excited about your oral history with your friend, ZhuangZhi because I am also Chinese and it reminds me how I made friends back in the day and how things change because of COVID and still seeing you have a good relationship with your friend.
      one thing I learned from the oral history that stood out for me is: “Basically, in our neighborhood, the policeman or security guard will catch everyone who goes outside without a ticket. And that ticket is for all the families to go out and buy food but each time can only go out for one person. For some time of emergency, they will put an extra metal gate to block all the buildings people live in. Make sure nobody runs out secretly.” I think this is intelligent because that is a way to control the virus to spread to more people and make sure everyone is safe and china is the only country that is doing that.
      Your oral history project connects to my own experience. During COVID, I can’t go out too and I have to stay at home and text my friend online. Thanks for your work on this project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to know more about how u and your friend are doing during this pandemic.

    • Dear Xue Feng Zheng,
      I was excited while reading your Oral history with your friend ZhuangZhi Lin, Even if am not Chinese I really like the interview hearing you guys speaking in your native’s language makes me proud and also because I like the language, to be honest, am always watching Chinese drama even if I don’t entirely understand every word.

      I have learned that in your friend’s neighborhood that policeman will catch anyone without a ticket to go out, it must be hard for him and for his family to only have one ticket to use.

      Your oral history connects to me and my friend’s experience during the COVID19 because any of us can’t get out when we want to, but it is a bit different because she and I don’t need a ticket to go out. I look forward to reading another story about your friend’s experience or yours. I will like to hear some Chinese conversations between you and your friend next time because I think that was the best part in your oral history.

    • Great Job on your project! The use of guards to keep people from leaving their homes is very interesting and scary. I’m happy that your friend is not suffering during the lock down and I’m happy you two are able to keep in touch using social media. I hope that everyone in your community back home is safe and healthy. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • I am really like your podcast because there’s a artifact on my bedroom door too, and my mom let me be careful for it. And it also has lot of meaning for my family.
    One aspect of your podcast that stood out for me was “There’s a piece of art on my living room and if you walk near it, you will hear my mom screaming, “Don’t go close by the pi…[Read more]

  • My name is Xuefeng, I am from China, and I came to the US being two-half years. In my bedroom, you know, there’s a talisman on the door you must be interesting for. It’s about Chinese culture and Buddhism. Als

    • Dear Xue Feng,
      I am interested your podcast because because you do the interview with the people in the street. But you don’t do the interview in the paragraph. But this show you do a hard work.
      One aspect of your podcast that stood out for me was “ It’s about Chinese culture and Buddhism.” I think this is important because most people didn’t care about history. This show you really know the history of China. And this important because most people didn’t like or didn’t care about the Artifact in own countries.
      I am really impressed about this Artifact it’s like very important for you. This shows us that artifact back to the Chinese history. this will the important thing of your life, because you show us the story how your grandmother got it. Now the family inherited with you. You will save it to generation after generation Now the family is inherited with you.
      Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I think you didn’t tell us all the history about this Artifact. This Artifact looks like important for Chinese and it’s back to the history.

  • Dear Diana,

    I am interested in your post because the problem you talking about in your post is very serious and made me think a lot. One thing you said out for me is ” A Lot of people suffer from depression just because of life in general or there going through stuff at home.” I think this is a very important issue, because around years, more and…[Read more]

  •              So, how about my room? Actually, my room is not much big, but not small. My bed is set close the wall, and two windows top on my bed’s “head” and “foot”. Top on the back side, there put my impossibl

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  • The nice poem
    The good description
    The beautiful artistic conception
    The great job
    The good idea
    It’s the poem to describe the blue ” sky ”
    I am ready that I join the world of this poem again
    Like that poet
    Free and Lonely

    I think myself as a lonely poet
    Secularism can not stop me keep walking
    I am quiet and heard sounds of world
    I can…[Read more]

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    Your did a great job. I like your poem and your picture. Your poem and picture linked each other. Everything looks very beautiful.

  • I think everyone is same in this world. Because you know, before we have different things( like skin color, language or custom), we both are human. We are same. So, discrimination shouldn’t appear in the earth, in this world. We should be unit, everyone should be unit. Also, I disagree that candidate says. I don’t think before Mexican come to…[Read more]

  •                How to make choice between conscience and rule?

            What is conscience and rules? Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment that assists in distingui

    • i like your story about conscience and rule and you write how they different but i think conscience is good for everyone life but rule is very important for every world.

    • I enjoy reading this article because I understand that sometimes the rules doesn’t allowed patiences that don’t have a medicare or ect. However, there should be no rules if a patience needs help no matter what they should be catered. (The doctors should take care of them).

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    I like your poem. You are clear to describe your family and something around your life. And, it also make hungry. Hahahahahahahahaha . You know, I like tacos.

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    Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    I think you very like sport. It’s a good thing to makes you stronger. Nice poem.

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    I like you say you’re from a craziest family. It’s really funny. And It tells me you like your family. Nice job.!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I am from old family genealogy book

    Cycas, the gatekeeper

    Old sword, a spirit

    I am from old photo, my best memory.


    I am from a big orchard with lot of fruit

    Vegetable garden, more

    • Lona replied 3 years ago

      I love the images in your poem, Xuefeng! I can see some what you are describing.

    • Grace replied 3 years ago

      Xuefeng, I love the line, “I am from peach blossom, means the spring is coming” because it not only shows me what is there, but it tells me the meaning of the blossoms. This poem is full of great images!

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