• Summer 2017  I was given the opportunity to go to Nicaragua and Cuba, where I learned to cherish what I have.

  • Dear Jessika, thank you for sharing your story I know it can be hard. I really like who I am able to see the emotion and pain that is going on throughout your comic.

  • Dear Jennifer, I am so sorry you had to go through this I know the feeling of being scared because someone you love and care about has been incarcerated. I really like the graphic weight you used.

  • Broken but Together


    Your touch used to light me up

    Your voice used to bring me joy


    Now even the thought of you brings me to tears


    “This is a pre-paid call from ‘Sergio Rojas’ to accept this call ple

  • Dear Cristina,
    Your poem gave me chills I love it. I really like how you mentioned the importance of having Brown Skin. I agree with you on how society views us as a minority. good job keep up the good work.

  • You can tell she’s gone through so many struggles and because of those struggles she’s grateful. You can see that she’s not just grateful for being here but she’s grateful for everything that she’s been through to get here

  • Growing up in a dishonest family

    caused me to be honest


    “I do it to keep you from hurting”

    Little do you know you’ve hurt me

    10 times more than you should have




    • Dear Xochitl, I am very proud that you shared out your ideas in your memoir and that it was based on dishonesty within your family.

    • Dear Xochitl, First of all I like the format of your poem. I think it looks pretty cool how you just write the word honestly but keep on with the story. Honestly this is a pretty good and creative poem, ha see what I did there lol.

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    Her memoir tells us that she’s both Yaqui and Yaquelin, only she’s drawn more to Yaqui when she’s around specific people. Her name is a huge part of her identity and that’s never going to change.

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    I am Xochitl (So – Cheel) and just like the rose that grew from concrete, full of life and hope. To many I’m Xochitl, to some I’m Xoch. Being the only one in my family with this name shows how different I am fro

    • I love your repetition of “just like the rose that grew from concrete.” It’s powerful, effective, and SO you! Beautiful work!

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    • Dear Xochitl, I loved your work, it was really a gift to be reading such honest work, I loved how you said that you’re different from everyone else, and I think that’s one of your strengths in your personality, therefore, it allows you to think differently when you write. I think that using 3rd person really made your work stand out, it showed t…[Read more]