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    Today I’m talking about my movie poster. I’m going to talk about Romeo and Juliette in 2017 and what is different between now and the old days. My movie poster is showing that how someone looks on the outside

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    Hello my name is xin and I like your shadow box a lot and I Got to learn from this shadow box I like you art too and I where like to see more think that you make.

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    Hi my name is xin and I go to the same school as you and I did the same project like you and I like the way you put you things and the project you make it was really awesome and I like the details that you have in you shadowbox. and I were like to see more project that you make.

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    thank you for looking at my shadow box

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    you get a nice shadow box.

  • Shadow Box

    Xin Yang


    This Shadow Box represents my Race, Dominant Narrative and Sex and also my  Assigned Identity.  First thing you see from my  shadow box is the Chinese money and this represents my rac

    • I really like your box and how it represents parts of your identity. Many people make many stereotypes, and I like how you countered them. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Hey there buddy, It you friendly neighborhood Daniel Gonzalez. Im really enjoying your shadow box. It seem so lit and cool. I did a shadow box to and you should go check it out when you get the chances. link in bio. lol. comment on my shadow box to. And My favorite part of your shadow box is the bonless pizza and your boneless mac n chess. Also I see your a high class baller lol. HMU(Hit me up) with a Comment. Link in bio 20% off on merch.

      your friendly neighborhood,

    • Hey there I’m Jordan, a senior from Fremont High School and I really enjoyed your shadow box project because it had a lot of things that I enjoy myself such as basketball, (the NBA season is back wooo), boneless pizza, and buffalo wings. I have just a couple of questions about your shadow box

      1.How did it feel when you moved to Oakland all the way from China?
      2.What's your favorite team in the NBA?
      3.How long have you been in Oakland and how do you like it over here?


    • Dear xin, I am a student at Fremont High School and i really was impressed on how you’re shadowbox was designed and what really caught my eye was the chinese bill i’ve honestly never seen one so that’s pretty cool. but i have three questions
      1.How’s it like at life academy?
      2.How easy was this project for you?
      3.Where did you get that bill from?

    • Julio replied 1 month ago

      Hello Xin,my name is Julio and I go to Fremont High School I also did a shadow box.I really liked how you used your counter narratives.Your shadow box was cool keep up the good work.

    • Emely replied 4 weeks ago

      Hello Xin,
      My name is Emely, I really like how you talk about both your dominant and counter narratives. That was really nice that you decided to talk about them because you showed that boys can like things like the Eiffel Tower. A question I have for you is what does the chicken represent? Is it one of your favorite foods or does it mean something else to you? Overall I really liked what you added in your shadow box. I also learned a lot about you from reading you artist statement.

  • Dear Olga
    I am impressed by your post, I think this is a very cool it talks about you and the stant that is in the school. this line “I go to Fremont HIgh School and I love having an education where I have learn many things that I didn’t know.” i like this line a lot because it talks me what you like to do. At the same time I agree with is l…[Read more]

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