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Legal Rights for Animals

In the article, “Should Animals Have Legal Rights?” (Upfront, Chrisanne Grisé, 2021) I learned that there are many people who agree and disagree with whether or not animals should have legal rights. There’s the argument that sentient animals should have nonhuman legal rights. There are many other inanimate objects that have legal rights such as corporations, ships, forests, and rivers. […]

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In the article, “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?” (BTW, btwuser, 2019) I learned that it has been an ongoing debate on whether or not college athletes should be paid or not. There are many people who argue that they should be paid because being a college athlete is a full-time job and not something that just anyone […]

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In the article, “Are Pro Athletes Overpaid” (Upfront) I learned that there are some people who believe that professional athletes make far too much money and that it is wrong but there are also some who think they should earn as much as they make now. Athletes rarely make less than six figures a year and this is if they […]

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Are Zoos Ethical?

In the article, “Are Zoos Ethical” (Upfront, ASHE, 2022) I learned that there are some people who believe zoos and ethical and justifiable and there are also people who believe the opposite, that zoos are unfair and unjustifiable. Both sides had valid reasonings with those that are for the zoos stating that it helps educate the public about safety and […]

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Legal Rights for Animals

Are Zoos Ethical?

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