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    Long Division AI style

    This writing is the best one I have gotten using AI. The AI took all the comments I had and turned them into an essay. This is a huge step in making school less stressful for students when it...

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    • I agree that Kiese Laymon’s “Long Division” is a powerful novel that addresses complex issues in American society through the character of City. The use of satire and social commentary is particularly effective in highlighting the hypocrisies and injustices of small-town life and the societal expectations that shape our perception of ourselves and others. City’s multifaceted character is relatable, and his resilience and willingness to confront difficult situations head on make him a compelling protagonist. Laymon’s exploration of race, dignity, and education in the American school system through the lens of City’s experiences is particularly thought-provoking, and the use of Maya Angelou’s quote adds another layer of depth to the novel. Overall, “Long Division” is a powerful novel that encourages readers to think critically about the social and cultural dynamics that shape their own communities.

    • Your confidence in stating that your piece will be the “best you’ll see” when it comes to AI is certainly inspiring. However, I’m pretty sure the post is supposed to also contain the original piece of writing in addition to the AI revised version. On a more positive note, your AI image is really interesting and I’m intrigued as to what prompts you used to generate it.

  • An image I made with DALL-E for Long Division

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    I love how you stated a lot of facts throughout your writing. Where did you find the stats that you have?

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    I would like to say sorry on behalf of my classmates. This assignment was clearly fiction, and I’m sorry that they did not see it that way. You wrote this piece very well and I praise you for that. Keep up the good work. But in all honesty, how do you feel about what’s happening in our country at the moment?

  • I love your last line. I have been saying this for a while now. How do you think we should go about making sure our communities are treating each other right?

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