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    As I read your personal story I got a sense of personal connection because we both enjoy the same things. Throughout the plot I felt that was an important part of your peace because it gave the readers a limb to catch on to and feel attached throughout. Then you aggressively come at the reader with an emotional story of all the hardships you had…[Read more]

  • After reading the book The Moon is Down and having profound debates on the comment, “What is an American?”, I have pondered the question. While everyone has different values a few common values have came up in my

  • The American values have a wide variety of meaning but do not have a, “dead on,” meaning, in my opinion. I will interpret for the audience my important American values to me. The core American values include equ

    • Tyler,
      Thank you for your post. I agree with you that some important values include equality, freedom and diversity. We are seen as a country who has countless opportunities for any one who is luck enough to make it here. I spent some time looking up what some other American values may be and found this article. It is pretty interesting and might be helpful if you are trying to get more in depth with this topic. http://www1.cmc.edu/pages/faculty/alee/extra/American_values.html

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