• In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in deportation and voluntary departure. “Voluntary departure allows you to leave the United States within a certain time period on your own, rather than u

    • This is very well written as a way to present the information you have found. It’s interesting how the US has been built up as a place of opportunity for immigrants and refugees throughout its history. That long-held status is falling apart now because we’ve made it so complicated to become a legal citizen and make a living as an immigrant or refugee. I think your article is a great way to show how and why that American ideal is fading away.

  • Everyone values freedom. Nobody wants to live in an oppressed country. Specifically, people of minority races have been fighting for equal freedom in America. They earned the right to vote and slowly earned

    • Hi Jessica,

      This is a very well written post. I was drawn into your essay because you did a great job showing how the American creed and the freedoms of America impact our everyday lives. I also really like the way you incorporated sources to support your argument. For example, I liked the way you used the Declaration of Independence to support your fact that all men were created equal, a very important value in our American creed.

      One part of your post that stood out to me was, “Some issues we are having that bring us further away from the American creed are the deportation of illegal immigrants, racism, and discrimination. America is supposed to be a place for immigrants to come and get a better life. Recently, we have been limiting immigration and deporting people.” As you mentioned, illegal immigration has become a big issue in recent years and the government is making it increasingly hard for immigrants who are seeking a new life to come to America and achieve their dreams. But now, all immigrants, not only illegal, are facing deportation.

      I found another source to support that argument. Alan Gomez from USA Today wrote, “For the past 15 years, the fast-track deportation process, known as expedited removal, has been used mostly by Border Patrol agents near the border. But now, for the first time, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents can unilaterally question, arrest, detain and deport undocumented immigrants who have been here for less than two years that they encounter anywhere in the country.” (Gomez) This article states that any immigrant who is undocumented by ICE, legal or illegal, who has been in the country for less than two years can be arrested, detained, and deported.

      Our American creed values immigrants who add to our melting pot. Taking away this freedom and is chipping away at our American creed that we have stood for ever since the founding of our country.

      What do you think about all immigrants facing deportation and how it affects our American creed?

      Gomez, Alan. “Undocumented Immigrants on Edge as New Trump Immigration Policy Calls for More Deportations.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 13 Aug. 2019, https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/08/13/new-trump-immigration-policy-means-more-deportations-across-us/1880847001/. Accessed 17 October 2019.

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