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  • I really like this post about George Floyd. I think everyone should have the same rights s everybody else no matter their skin color. Next, when people protest I think that is helping our society out and will eventually help us gain the same equality for everyone. Next, these violent killings make people think more about how blacks are being…Read More

  • I totally agree with this post about mental health. I agree with this post because I can relate to it. I play basketball for my high school team and all the workouts and practices and games can cause stress for me when it comes to managing my time with school work. Also, it can sometimes cause me to not perform at my best during the school day. I…Read More

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    what is the American dream?

    Anyone can be an American if they are willing to be respectful, unite for Justice and Liberty. This idea is expressed in the Pledge of Allegiance, as stated in the article “What Being American Means”  .There are several events...

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    • Dear William
      I appreciate this post because it is very factual and acknowledges the truth about America. My favorite line from your article is “Also I think being an American doesn’t mean we all have to believe in the same thing or look the same. Everyone comes from different cultures and has different beliefs about different aspects of the world, which makes them unique and a good American.” I think that this is important to know because everyone comes from different cultures but should be treated the same. Thank you for writing this.
      Kayla Castillo

    • Dear William,
      I was impressed by your article of “What is the American dream?” because i sometimes question what really is the American dream just like you. I think everyone has the right to be equal and have to right to achieve the same goals no matter what culture or race they are. I like how you mentioned about everyone having the same goal of “trying to be successful and working hard to support their families” this has a lot of meaning to me because from someone who grew up in a mexican household i know the real definition of hard work. My parents had doors closed on them because they are mexican. It is unfair that they had to work in bad conditions and bad weather while others had the opportunity to work in good conditions just because of race. I also agree with the statement of “Anyone can be American as long as they respect and unite for justice and liberty.”
      Thanks for writing i look forward to reading more sometime again!

  • This was a great essay to read. I liked how you mentioned that Americans share values so that we can make it a better place for everyone. I agree with you about how everyone needs to have the same rights and opportunities to be successful in life. Lastly, I also liked the article about asking teenagers what they think, so we can see what kids…Read More

  • This past weekend I played a lot of basketball in grand rapids with my basketball team on Saturday. Next, I hung out with my friends Saturday night and watched college football.



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what is the American dream?

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