• Dear Derrick,

    I am interested by your music called “JazzDanceBeat” because I feel like you did a great job on the beat. I believe you have real talent.

    One part of your beat that stands out to me is where you switch the ride ’em and drop the beat. I think this is awesome because I’m into doing beats too.

    Another part I enjoyed is where the bea…[Read more]

  • In “MAUS II,”  by Art Spiegelman, pages 41 – 74, for several months, Artie visits his father regularly to hear more of his stories. He arrives one day to find Vladek counting pills. Vladek reveals that he take

  • I ask this because there are a lot of smart and wealthy people that didn’t even finish high school. That brought me to this question and i truly believe school is necessary to be successful. School is good

    • Hey Willbert,
      You bring up an interesting question, but I can’t decipher whether or not you support schooling. According to some posts like this graph (https://taxfoundation.org/chart-day-income-levels-vs-education-levels/) those with high level degrees are statistically the highest paid. Is your work “off the books” sustainable over a lifetime? There are entrepreneurs that are able to make millions without a GED but this is extremely rare, and I’d rather play it safer and put my energy into achieving the highest education possible while finding my passions.

    • It is an interesting question. In today’s climate, people are shying away from the traditional of success. Young people increasing jumped on social media outlets for money. Many kids have even dropped out of school to take on their new career. The decision isn’t stupid; they make a lot of money fairly quickly but it is not a stable source of income. These kids should not be dropping out of high school but it seems that finishing high school and completing college is not the only way to be successful in modern America look at Elon Musk. Musk dropped out of college to pursue Paypal. With that being said education seems to be the most promising strategy to achieve and maintaining success. I agree everyone should complete high school.

    • Willbert, this is a very interesting question. However, I think school is very necessary. Elementary onto middle school develops a kid into a teen with the skills necessary for high school and daily life. High school forms someone a person ready to launch into the new world as an adult. The people who are rich, and dropped out of school are a small minority. They had strong ideas, and since they were so passionate about it they were able to create something amazing. Here is a link showing the benefits of schooling for someone’s life: https://www.borgenmagazine.com/top-10-benefits-of-education/. Overall, the amount of people successful from not being schooled in minimal compared to the benefits from going to school. The path someone takes in life may be set or influenced by outside variables, so I think that saying school is unnecessary isn’t completely true. Schooling may not be for everyone, but it helps people make a living in the long run.

    • Hello Willbert,
      I can agree that there is a problem with education in the US. Although, I do believe that education is necessary for a better future I can see how a few individuals make it seem like it is not. First of all, those individuals are very rare and I believe making use the education found is far better than leaving it up to chance. Second, I believe there is huge education inequality in America as people who can afford better education end up with a more successful life.
      Here is a website that compares the eduction in the US to other countries. I hope this is useful.

      Education in the United States of America


    • Hey Wilbert!
      I agree with you and think the school is necessary to be successful, however, the price of school is extremely unfair to pay. Everyone should get higher education but it can not simply be done because of the prices. Here is a website that talks about the different prices of college. https://www.collegedata.com/en/pay-your-way/college-sticker-shock/how-much-does-college-cost/whats-the-price-tag-for-a-college-education/

  • In MAUS II part 5 by Art Spegelman  It is winter, Artie is listening to the recordings of his interviews with Vladek to the part of the story when Tosha poisons herself, Richie, and the other children when

  • In MAUS II part 4 by “art Spiegelman” A few months later, back in the house in Rego Park, Vladek is despondent. He cannot live by himself, he tells Artie he is too sick, with diabetes and a weak heart but doe

  • MAUS II part 3 by “art spiegelman” The next morning, Vladek announces plans for a trip to the supermarket, to return foods Mala left behind and buy groceries for the week. When Artie reminds Vladek that he and

  • In MAUS II Part two by “art spiegelman” For several months, Artie visits his father regularly to hear more of his stories. He arrives one day to find Vladek counting pills Vladek reveals that he takes 25 or 30

  • I just listened to a song, “Revolution,” by the John Butler Trio, that is about telling the people to take control of their life and to not let anybody tell them what to do. I think that their right people should

    • Dear Willbert,

      I am glad about your post ,”Freedom is for All”, because not a lot of people voice their opinion on such a controersial topic. I completely agree with you that freedom is for all, no one should have the right to tell others what’s right or wrong.

      A sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, “Everyone has the same rights and even though people are different we are all born the same way.” This truly emphasizes the point that while we may all be different, we are entitled to an same amount of rights.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you write next because your opinion matters and your voice is meant to be heard. We need more people like you to make a difference in the world.


      • dear miguel
        since no one has the right tell another person how to live, Do you think abortion should be a woman’s right and no one should tell her what to do with their baby?

  • I think these people are fighting against police brutality. They are trying to get the government to hear them. I believe policies brutality is a big problem for our society. Nowadays policemen don’t even care

  • I believe that people shouldn’t be judged or sympathize because of their descendants. Everyone should be treated by their recent actions not because of history or some thing that happened to their families on the

  • I believe women aren’t being treated fairly so they are protesting for their rights and for what they believe is right. I say this because in the picture the women are protesting with an angry facial expression.

  • People are been treated like animals and not been giving rights because of their race. My book shows how Jews are  being killed just because they don’t have enough power to defend themselves. The Jews are being

  • I believe they are racist because they don’t accept anybody that cant speak English. They basically judge you by what language you speak. That sing represents a village full of ignorant people because you should

  • For me it doesn’t really matter if you think you can text and drive that’s okay, but be careful because it is also dangerous. A lot of people may not support it, like me, but some people have the skill of

  • A controversy  that I face is getting late to school because of the bus and my wake up schedule.  This affects me in school because I’m unable to provide more work in first period. I will start waking up at 7 so

  • Good people have different opinions because of how they see things.For example if good people judge hookah because people on the other side of the work are dying.Good people like to judge things just from how

    • While most everyone has different opinions on different things I wouldn’t say everyone is a good person. But I do agree with your last statement. Overall though your paper was really hard to read because of various spelling and grammatical errors. I would suggest working on that if you ever need to write another thing like this again.

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