• I think that this is an interesting problem that doesn’t really get too much attention. I feel like there is an increased aversion to immigrants of all kinds these days, and sticking them into a high school with other teenagers before properly adjusting can be a pretty brutal transition. I like how you made a pictogram. Where did the data come…[Read more]

  • This is not only well argued and tolerant (not preachy or forcing your opinion), it is very eloquent and well written. Your thoughts are easy to understand. I hope this was as good to write as it was to read. Well-procured, and sentence structure really draws the reader in. The information is relevant and not driven by unilateral passion, but…[Read more]

  • I like this a lot. I think that a history of the Church is often scrambled and cloudy in people’s minds. By bringing in a good definitive compilation of history like this, people can better understand the mission of the Church and where it is headed. Well done.

  • This research focuses on the close relationship between the United States government and the oil industry, as well as causes, effects, and changes to this relationship. The bi-products of this relationship on the

  • I really enjoyed the energy in this piece because the anecdotal part was really jey to building the paper. I think that you are doing just fine figuring out what to say because this is really well constructed

  • This is deep I like it. True story of you or someone you know? I think there’s lot of emotion in this and makes its very powerful.

  • Interesting. I think that pre and post workout supplements are definintely the key to getting yoked, however how do you know something isn’t gonna wreck your kidneys? This is some craxy stuff, and I’m excited to use your research to help me get jacked. I’m putting my gains in your hands.

  • Hi Maddie your writing is grand. You chose a really broad topic and I think youre doing a good job of condensing the info and making it understandable. Keep up the good work. Do you think the diet of America will change in the coming years?

  • I really liked how you tied in the personal stories. I think you did a good job of highlighting this, and I feel that strong writers tend to work their own experiences into their pieces. How do you think patience is going to continue affecting your life? Do you think you will continue to get more patient and understanding as you grow older?

  • I’ve been learning that the relationship between government and oil is much more far reaching than i initially thought. My primary conclusions were that this situation created an almost oligarchical style of r

  • I like this a lot. I’m white, and i think maybe there are some misunderstandings, but I like your analysis of society. I think you did a good job of relating the groups in the books to the groups in the real world. How do you think these problems can be solved?

  • Will commented on the post, Two Badges 3 years, 5 months ago

    This is pretty inspiring. I like how you were able to make the book very relatable to your life. This cop has a pretty inspiring story and i like how you were able to get a good analysis out of it. Well done. do you think that the gang culture in America would improve if more cops had this empathetic relationship to gangs?

  • Wow really neat actually. Do you think this is why Richie Sexon was 6’8″? Or why Barry Bonds went from zero to hero in one season? Or why Bryce Harper can throw really really far? These are interesting things to think about that I think your research can do a good job of shedding light on. Great job and I cant wait to read the finished product and…[Read more]

  • Big oil and politics have a close relationship. This combination of money and policy influence many key factors of the global economy. For example, the automotive and aeronautical industry are completely reliant

    • Hey Will, great post. I’m going to be honest your topic went right over my head. But I do understand that this is a problem that is faced on a global scale and that some kids Jed of action needs to be taken soon.

    • This is a great topic, and a very prevalent issue right now. I think it would be interesting if you also researched clean energy solutions that other countries are developing. As you said, big oil and politics is an international problem, and it will take international solutions.

    • Wow Will, good post. I somewhat understand this topic, but I do kno that it is very important in the world today. It’s an issue that needs to be resolved, and soon, so thank you for looking into this

  • Big oil and politics are highly intertwined. Because of the massive amounts of money in the petroleum industry, government involvement has been commonplace since the 1900s. This can also cause corruption on the

  • Will commented on the post, Meat 3 years, 7 months ago

    Youre right. Greenhouse gases are garbage! I really like meat but wish there was a better way to get it. Thanks for the info

  • I liked the pros and cons you brought up. I personally support the electoral college because it makes the entire united states voting population matter, but you bring up a good point with safe states and swing states. I don’t think swing states are necessarily bad though. Good job, thanks for sharing the info.

  • This is great. My letter to the next president consisted of almost the exact same content. I love the concern our generation has for the environment, and even though there are lots of other issues on our plates, this is something we need to make time for. Well done. Your piece had no errors and your evidence was well supported. Keep it up.

  • I really liked your writing here. Even though I don’t share the negativity of the situation, you do a good job of highlighting the issues that need to change. I myself am an environmentally conscious person, and agree with the Climate Change Pact statement. However, imagine if manufacturing was brought back to the U.S., where it can be regulated…[Read more]

  • Will commented on the post, Our Youth 3 years, 8 months ago

    I like the poem! I think the youth needs to get more educated before we can make any definite decisions on anything, and that starts with each individual student. We need to learn about issues so we can address them, not just complain about them. Your poem has a very inspiring flow to it. I think that even one more stanza would have made it really sink in.

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