• Judith,
    I agree with your statement that we need “inclusion and safety in OUSD” that way everyone feels safe and comfortable with who they are. I didn’t really think about this topic but you made it relevant and that is really important because these aren’t easy topics to talk about for tennagers. A line that stood out to me from your writing…[Read more]

  • Ashley,
    I was really amazed with your writing specially the topics you chose to talk about because a change should be made and you are taking a step towards making people talk about it. One sentence you write that really stood out to me was probably when you said “Students will have more potential to be more focus and not feeling confused d…[Read more]


    How Should We Help Prevent Suicide

    This image embodies the fact that multiple people aren’t getting the help they need which causes them to think suicide is the only choice they have left. 13.3 minutes is te

    • Kelly replied 1 week ago

      Dear Wendy,

      I agree with you on that people who deal with suicidal thoughts should have a counselor or someone someone to talk to that they can relate to. I agree because like you said if they can’t relate then the person won’t feel safe or comfortable. Also, the person they are talking to should not judge because then that will make the person having suicidal thoughts be embarrassed or feel that what they are going through is a joke. I also want to add that you should have added how the person with suicidal thoughts feels when they are understood versus when they are being laughed at or misunderstood.

      Sincerely, Kelly

    • Dear Wendy,
      Your blog is super important and necessary for everyone to read. I like how you emphasized the need to end stigma around depression and suicide but also the pros and cons of counseling. Maybe you could have included some alternatives to counseling. Also, you mentioned that a student of color won’t be able to connect with a white counselor. So, what do they need to actually be able to connect?
      Overall, I really liked your blog and I think all the emo kids at Life should read it.
      Good job!

  • Wendy commented on the post, What Is Love? 1 month, 1 week ago

    You did a great job with your poem it really stood out to me because I can see the connection to Romeo and Juliet. I really like the line where you said “But “money” is not the definition of love,” this stood out to me because a lot of people will use others for their advantage instead of actually wanting to be with them. One suggest…[Read more]

  • Hi my name is Wendy and I am a 9th grader. In class we read Romeo and Juliet and we had to talk about a topic that was relevant in the book connecting to the real world. I talked about how love is a misconception

    • Dear Wendy, thank you for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was, ¨Don’t you love someone so much? Despite everything, You love them even when you were hurt badly.¨ This was interesting to me because it shows the Drama Between Romeo and Juliet, how you could love someone and hate them at the same time. I think you worded everything beautifully, with tons metaphors to add poetic value. Thank you so much for writing and I’m looking forward to reading your next post.

    • Dear Wendy,
      Your poem was amazing. I loved your metaphors of flowers because it just made your writing sound so beautiful. It shows how love can be a great thing but also has its consequences. You did a good job on connecting the topic of love to your life. My favorite lines were in your ending where you wrote,
      “And like the flowers
      our broken hearts will blossom together”
      Because it made your poem end with a bang! The imagery of hearts “blossoming” like flowers is fantabulous.
      Thanks for sharing your poem!

    • Bryan replied 1 month ago

      Dear, Wendy
      Thanks for sharing your poem I thought it was a very good poem. A line that stood out to me was when you said, “Don’t you love someone so much? Despite everything. You love them even when you are hurt badly”. That line stood out to me because I feel like that’s so true. Overall your poem was good and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing your poem.
      Sincerely, Bryan Moreno

    • dear Wendy,
      i really love the way your poem was made i think it was really beautiful and one of kind and the whole messedge was really good the way you worded everything made me feel like you had put a lot of effort into your poem keep up the good work❤❤

  • Wendy commented on the post, My Personal Shadow Box 3 months ago

    Dear Joseph,
    Your shadow box is really nice and I can clearly see what demonstrates you and who you are as a person. I really like that you added the gun, marijuana, and danger sign because you really did a good job showing your dominant narratives. After your dominant narratives I really love the way you box flips around and shows your…[Read more]

  • Dear Ingrid,
    You shadow box is really nice and it clearly demonstrates who you are as a person because of the items you chose to include. I really like that you chose to represent yourself as a butterfly the way you said they have to open up and let their true self be shown that really gave me an idea of who you are as a person. Something…[Read more]

  • My Shadow Box

    By:Wendy Perez Govea

    This Shadow Box represents my counter narrative of my own chosen identity. When people look at me, they see the dominant narratives you hear people say like because I am

    • Dear Wendy,

      I really liked how you explained what your shadow box is and what it represents. I agree with you when you said that people believe the black color is a depressing because it's actually not. I believe it's a beautiful color and something that just goes with everything. Am glad i read your artist statement because it helped me get to know you better. Also, am very proud of you because your happy to be mexican because usually some people are embarrassed from where they come from so am glad your not one of them.


    • Dear Wendy, I am honestly happy about how you did this project. I really liked your artist statement I thought that it was very strong you said a lot in just one paragraph which is outrageous. Your shadow box is cool I liked how you added a lot of pictures and I also liked the black roses you added in your shadow boxes. You did very good in this project keep up the good work.

      Sincerely, Bryan Moreno 🙂

    • Dear Wendy,
      I love how you decorated your box and I loved your reasoning behind the black rose. It was cool and I hadn’t thought about it like that before. However, I wonder how the black rose connects to your identity.

      I also liked reading what you wrote about your award and your hoops. Your hoops are the coolest and you look the coolest wearing them ;).

      I love you, your shadow box is great.


    • Dear Wendy,
      Your shadow box theme is really nice and I love how you included a lot of pictures of memories you’ve had with your friends and family. It’s really cool and creative how you kind of applied dominant and counter narratives to your black roses thing as well, how people see it as a depressing color but to you it’s a really pretty color.
      Thank you for sharing your shadow box!

  • Dear Leslie,
    I am shocked to see your shadow box because I can really see the identities you are talking about based on the objects and pictures you used. I think your box really is outstanding because you really show that you care about your religion and you care about family. Something that I was thinking about was why did you choose a…[Read more]

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