• The two videos that  watched were  Bad and Good oral presentation and also Ted Presentation . Anderson wanted the watchers to understand that the person that is public speaking has the power the convince pe

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  • Dear Future President,

    Hi my name is Wendy Mora. I am 17 years old and I attend Fremont High school where I am a senior. I live in Oakland, California. I am very excited to know there is going to be a female

    • Wendy, I love the fact that you mentioned women doing construction work! I feel like nobody really talks about this. I want our new president to focus on jobs that allows women to do the same things that men do such as construction work. I would identify myself as a feminist because I believe that all women in the world deserve fair representation and deserve equal opportunities.

    • Wendy, I enjoyed your creativity and the fact that you don’t follow social standards as to what a man/women should and should not do and created a new point of view for my thoughts on the different groups of people and their way of life.

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