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  • I liked your summary of Angie Thomas’s “The Hate U Give”. I have also read this book and it really gave insight into the emotions and oppression that black people face. One sentence that stood out to me was “The tension rises when there’s a trial for the officer that killed him and he pleaded not guilty and that people were so mad.” This s…Read More

  • I really appreciate your article “Teen Suicide in Utah” because it is very informative and raises awareness. Something that stood out to me was where you stated that Utah lacks in suicide prevention programs. This is something that should be more talked about as it is a rapidly increasing situation. People who are thinking about committing suicide…Read More

  • I found your article “A Unique Practice in Sweden” very interesting because I wasn’t aware that they do this. Something that stood out to me was “A different hypothesis about how this practice came to be is how Sweden has a relatively low number of citizens for how large the country is (Nilsson). ” I didn’t know that they had a low population,…Read More

  • I really enjoyed your article “The Impact Of Physical Activity During The Developmental Stage” because I completely agree that it can be very beneficial. When a child is growing up often times they will struggle with self-esteem, confidence, stress, etc. Being involved in a sport can really aid in those areas as it gives a sense of involvement and…Read More

  • I found your article “Why Sleep Is Important” very informative. I had some previous knowledge of how sleep deprivation causes drowsiness and lack of performance throughout the day, however, I was unaware of the long term effects. Something that stood out to me was “Long term effects are more serious as deprivation of sleep long term can cause…Read More

  • Hello Lluvia, I really like your post and how it spreads awareness on this issue. Some people are not aware of what it is like to have to endure this kind of abuse and we should be doing more to spread awareness and help those who need it. I agree with your statement, “If we as a society normalized the idea of getting help as a positive thing…Read More

  • I found your article “Where do we go when we die” very interesting because it is a very meaningful topic as no one really knows what happens in the afterlife. There are many different theories about what happens after we die and I think you did a great job of including different ideologies. Something that stood out to me was “So we no longer…Read More

  • I found your article “Importance of Individuality” very informative. A sentence that stood out to me was “Over one hundred years before John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, Thoreau urges the same idea that it is not about what the government can do for you, but what you can do for the government.” This stood out to me because Thoreau’s philosophy…Read More

  • I really appreciate your article “School is No Longer Aout Learning, It’s About Passing” because I completely agree with you. Students are caught up with trying to get an A, as you stated “We ask for extra credit points not to learn, but to enhance our grades even just a little bit. ” This statement is true because extra credit is really only…Read More

  • I really enjoyed reading your writing “The Mental Health of Student-Athletes” because it was very informative. I agree that student-athletes do have to handle a lot of stress due to having to balance academics and their sport at the same time. A sentence that stood out to me was “Although student-athletes have the constant advantage of physical…Read More



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