• Sebastian,
    I think the idea of looking at how Native Americans’ quality of life has changed is very interesting. Your thesis does cover a lot of ground, but some aspects might need some clarification. What is your actual thesis statement? Are you writing an objective or subjective essay?

  • Nechuta,

    Helping and understanding others are two important parts of any society. Everyone in the world should strive to be better at this. How do you think we can encourage this in our society? I agree that the government should fund institutions further and create more programs to help people get their fundamental human needs such as food and…[Read more]

  • Planned Parenthood Pamphlet

    I collaborated with Kristy, Carmen, Asha, and Zahra for this media project. We decided to create a pamphlet to raise awareness about the importance of Planned Parenthood and the

  • This is a collaboration with Carmen, Zahra, Asha, and Kristy.

    Planned Parenthood is an important organization that provides help to a large amount of the population. Not only do they provide contraceptive and

  • Hi Shannon,
    Good job with this infographic! I completely agree with your argument and the evidence you used to support it was very persuasive. The infographic I helped to created with my team was in support of Planned Parenthood and had to do with similar topics.

  • Great job! Your infographic used a lot of solid evidence and I completely agree with your argument. My group made a similar infographic in support of Planned Parenthood.

  • Hi Tuan, Good analysis of dialect in Huck Finn! Twain’s use of several dialects throughout the novel adds a lot of depth to the characters and depicts a historically accurate picture of the South during this time period. I agree that Jim’s speech is an indicator of the amount of education available to slaves, but I think that some of his words are…[Read more]

  • Hi, Irene! Great job with this character analysis! I really like how you talked about the significance of Huck’s moral dilemma and I talked about it in my post about whether or not Mark Twain is racist too. I also like the evidence that you used to support your argument. That quote is a good representation of his moral conflict and it shows Huck b…[Read more]

  • This is a really good piece that draws attention to an important issue. I can also relate to the topic since a lot of my relatives from my mother’s side are Mexican immigrants. I agree that we should draw more attention to how deportation affects people and their families. Great job!

  • When I first heard that we were writing about issues we care about, I knew I wanted to write about climate change. Recently, I have been discussing climate change with my family and those around me. I feel

    • Xochitl, I think you did a great job in expressing your concerns over climate change. I’m also very passionate about nature and it’s really reassuring that more people in this world care about this as well.

    • Dear Xochitl,
      Your post is important because many of us have contributed to climate change due to our actions. I agree the everyday things we do has to change in order to prevent more issues. Due to the climate change species may be wiped out. An example would be polar bears their maybe be very few left in the future because the ice caps are melting. The climate change has cause for their habitat to slowly fade away. Many people don’t realize how the climate has changed informing them on what they can do to prevent it would be a step ahead. I like how you mentioned that the government should take action but it isn’t their problem it’s the whole earth’s population. In my opinion the government should make programs to inform people how we can prevent climate change. Thank you for your project, it was good to read about your perspective on climate change.

    • Xochitl, I also wrote about climate change, though your piece was far more focused on facts. My piece was centered a bit more on effects we could see here in Michigan as well as social/economic factors related to climate change. I quite liked yours as it sounded significantly better than what I wrote.

    • Xochitl, I completely agree with you that climate change is an important issue. It really scares me how much the planet is changing and the effects that has on animals and us. It would also really interest me to see the legislation that could be passed to improve this issue. Amazing job with this piece!

    • This is a great piece Xochitl and I completely agree with you. Climate change is a huge problem that needs to be addressed and I think that digging deeper will be very interesting. Good luck in your research!

    • Xochitl,

      Climate change is a very big topic in America today and I am glad you talked about it. We need to find other ways to use energy that is renewable. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable and is not a good source to rely on for large periods of time. Pls, they can also hurt the environment, which also leads to global warming. Overall, thi a good piece and you should be proud of our work.


    • Dear Xochitl:

      I am very happy with your post, “Climate Change,” because it gives an idea of how important it is to discuss these issues worldwide. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I would like to know more about specific legislation that can be passed and how the government can promote the use of other forms of transportation for citizens.” I think this is because it illustrates that our citizens aren’t the only people who can work towards achieving a better world, but our government as well. Another sentence that I found was: “The burning of fossil fuels releases CO2 gas, which is a greenhouse gas, that raises the overall temperature of the atmosphere. ” This stood out for me because it shows how climate change has been happening and will continue to be serious damage for our world without taking precautions. I do strongly agree with you that we need to make our change so that the people and world don’t face consequences. One reason I say this is because if we use fossil fuels they are nonrenewable so once there gone there’s no more. Another reason I agree is because if we start using other sources of energy we can make climate change decrease.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because these issues are what can unite our people to heal the world from breaking apart.

    • Dear Xochitl, I agree with your article, Climate Change, because what you said is true and the climate change is getting dangerous for our world. A quote that stood out to me was “there needs to be change in the world to prevent further environmental issues.” This stood out because the environment is getting destroyed thanks to us and most of us are doing nothing to help prevent climate change. Another quote that stood out was “climate change is a significant problem in our world.” This stood out because it is so true and many people are getting killed by climate change every year due to unexpected tsunamis or monsoons. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i would like to read more about climate change and what we could do to help stop it.

    • Xochitl, I agree that changes for the worse are happening and something needs to be done about it. I think believing strongly in the need for positive change is the first step in the right direction

    • Dear Xochitl,
      I agree with your post a lot and also think that climate change is a really big issue that needs to be addressed. I really like the sentence “The burning of fossil fuels releases CO2 gas, which is a greenhouse gas, that raises the overall temperature of the atmosphere.” because I feel like it says so much and such a big reason why this issue is true. I like how you used many facts in this, but also somewhat added some of your opinion. Overall I like this post and agree with it.

    • Xochitl, I agree with your ideas about fossil fuels and its effects to climate change which is a big threat for our future. Also I think that you may find this website (https://www.northwestern.edu/fm/fm-staff/10-ways-to-stop-global-warming.html) interesting. Great job!

  • Abinaov,
    I also wrote about Huck’s father’s abuse in my dialectic journal because it is such a significant aspect of the novel. I think that adding historical context with child abuse laws during the time period in your dialectic journal was a really smart idea. It helps to clarify why no one has ever stopped Huck’s abuse like they would in modern times.

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    I am sorry that your family has had to deal with so many illnesses and that they continue to have to live with these medical issues. I hope that their health improves in the future. I can really relate to how you appreciate the time you have spent with family and how experiences from the past, even thought they clearly had a negative impact on…[Read more]

  • Our American literature class is currently reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. We are using dialectic journals to take notes by choosing a passage that represents the main ideas from a

  • My Reminder to Never Give Up

    As we live our lives, everyone has to go through tough times and has opportunities to give up or take the easy way out. I believe in the importance of perseverance. We have to

    • Xochitl, I agree with you that perseverance is very important in life for achieving success and not giving up despite the difficulties. This story of your grandma and how she never gave up learning even though she had a very tough time also reminded me that it is important to persevere, and my respect really goes out to your grandma. I really appreciate your essay and your personal example of never giving up!

    • Wow Xochitl this is such a great piece. I especially love that you included the story about your grandma. repeating kindergarten three times and having to learn a completely new language on her own, it shows an incredible amount of perseverance.

  • Here is our letter to the next President:

    Picture Citation:

    Marie. “A Dietitian Going Beyond Nutrition to Help Others.” Marie Dillulio. N.p., 19 Jan. 2016. Web. 02 Nov. 2016.

    I worked on this project with Anna

    • I really like your work on Nutrition because I think it is really informative and has lots of important information that people need to know.

  • Lowering college tuition is a controversial topic, that I believe, the next president should hear all of the benefits government action could have on. College is an important part of most people’s lives that

    • Xochitl,I totally agree that college should be made cheaper. I think it benefits the nation as a whole if we have higher educated citizens and people who are not trying to pay off their student loans for the rest of their lives. It’s so ridiculous how much the cost of college has increased and as someone who is going to college soon it really scares me that I might not be able to afford the schools I want.

    • Xochitl, nice job. I agree that college costs should be lowered. This inflation of tuition causes more loans, and as the loans accumulate, the nation loses more money from loaning out money, causing a significant decrease in our budget. This decrease from our revenue causes us to obtain loans from other countries, increasing our debt. America definitely needs reform in this section.

    • Hey Buddy!
      It is your secret writing pal! ~Emily 😉
      I like the topics of your pieces….Important stuff.
      I hope you have a great weekend! :)))))))
      -Emily Rick

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