• Air pollution is the trash we see, the smoke that comes out of factories and fires and is the responsible for many children getting sick, the plants are dying, causes many problems to the people and the

  • I really like your post, it’s an interesting one and that it really affects our society. A sentence that stands out for me is “Keep in mind, the 30 percent don’t make it to be rich and famous, but just barely make it to the middle class”, because people think that one day they will be rich or they have this idea that they can be famous but that i…[Read more]

  • Rim, I am very happy to see your progress and about your post because this is a big issue now days. A sentence that really stands out for me is “People just feel unsafe with being with other people because they think that there skin color can affect with there relationship between them”, because we can see right now that people feel unsafe because…[Read more]

  • Ammar, I like your topic and it makes me happy your progress and how you took time to find really good sources. One quote that stands out for me is “people that I know like my family and friends are being affected”, because when there is a war everyone is on danger and especially kids because they have no idea what is going on and they cannot…[Read more]

  • Luis, I really like your post because it’s an issue that is happening right and it really affects us especially the people of different countries. I think this problem needs to be solved because we cannot let the president to change something that affects the people. What are they going to do if they are deported, they do not even know the places…[Read more]

  • My name is Walter Pablo and the topic that I chose was Air pollution. A study shows that at least 200,000 people die every year in the United States. Especially in California at least 21,000 people die because

    • Walter, I love your post because this is something that almost everybody will be exposed to as some point in their life. In today’s world where road transportation is extremely easy and almost everybody owns a car, it is hard to control our air quality. This is something that, I too, am passionate about. In Salt Lake City, we get something called an inversion. We live in a valley surrounded by mountains, so in the winter the pollution gets trapped in the valley and the hot air is trapped above the pollution. Sometimes it gets so bad that you can’t even see the foothills right behind my house. This is having extremely horrific effects on the citizens of Salt Lake City. What do you think the solution is other than the obvious of driving less?

    • Hi Walter!! Your post is awesome and I love what you’re doing for your research project because air pollution is such a big problem in today’s society. It’s good to be passionate about this topic because it truly affects all of us. I live in Utah and our air quality is one of the worst in the United States. It’s almost weird that ours is so bad because we truly don’t have a large population in our state. Our mountains somewhat trap the bad air in. Our government has tried implementing many things to help this terrible issue in Utah because it has started to affect the health of many Utahans. Even though your research is on California, I think it could be helpful to look a some of the things other states do to help this problem and possibly implement it in your city! Here is a link I found interesting that shows what Utahans are doing to help our air! http://air.utah.gov. It’s our governments website for air quality but they have many links to what we can do to help and how we are making our air better.

    • Walter, this is a really prevalent problem in our society today that is affecting many people in the world not only in the United States. We have very bad air quality in Salt Lake City in Utah and it affects a number of people in the valley. I really like that you have taken the time to research this topic and make it present within your community. I would really like to hear back from you after you are done with your project or if you have any other projects you have coming up. I do have a couple of questions for you to ask yourself to help improve you paper: Is there any possible solutions to this problem? if so what are they?

    • Walter, I like that you chose this topic because it is very topical, and providing more information to the public now can help them make more informed decisions about what can done about it. I also have asthma, a lung disease that already makes it hard for me to breathe. So keeping up to date about air quality is important to my health. Your sentence structure is very good, everything is capitalized like ti’s supposed to, and your sources are in order. The work you put into this makes me want to read more of your stuff. Ask yourself what else you can bring attention to about the environment. Can the cooperate causes of air pollution be convinced to capitalize safely on wind instead, like through wind power? What else is being harmed?

    • Walter, I really liked your post because it is a very important topic in todays society. There are a lot of people that are affected by it. There are many things we can do to help this problem. What are some of the things that you think we could do as the people the remedy this problem? Do you think that there are places that are more affected by this than others? Like the many comments below, I live in Utah as well. Air pollution very bad here in Salt Lake City and many are affected by it. Last year I actually spoke in a clean air rally at the Capitol in SLC. One major thing that isn’t always looked at is how air pollution can affect the economy. How do you think it can affect the economy? Here is an article that goes more in depth about air pollution and the economy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/01/29/the-staggering-economic-cost-of-air-pollution/?utm_term=.b9457fe4ced7 I hope to hear more about your project in the future.
      Good Luck,

    • Walter, your topic is relevant to us here in Utah as well. Here are some things to consider.
      If pollution is such a problem for residents of large cities, then why has their been so little effort to resolve it? If What would it take to switch to renewable energy in the US alone? How can we, the individuals, help with reducing pollution? You can also do an economic and physiological analysis of switching to renewable energy. What are the effects of pollution on a global scale?
      Here’s a link I found about what it took to switch one city to go completely renewable: https://thinkprogress.org/what-will-it-take-for-america-to-go-100-percent-renewable-c2cf0c622bbf/

    • Bobby replied 2 weeks ago

      I can relate to your post a lot because I live in Utah where I am exposed to bad air all the time. If I were you, I would get as many facts as possible about this, and cross reference with others. Have you checked the veracity of your sources? I would check out WebMD, when you look. I would also include that more people need to protest this, as this will get very deadly if we don’t do something about it soon. Good luck!

    • Walter, this is a really interesting post. I too, am from Salt Lake City and our air quality is absolutely terrible, especially in the winter months. We have beautiful mountains and the people that live in the valley are extremely outdoorsy but it can be very difficult to enjoy the outdoors when our air quality is so bad. This is having scary effects on the people that live in areas all around the world where the air quality is extremely bad. Do you think that we will ever come up with a solution?

    • Walter, thanks for highlighting this issue. It is a big problem, especially in places like Hong Kong where people are forced to wear air filter masks just to go outside to breathe. Your piece is good for demonstrating the effects of air pollution on people, as well. I think a great adaptation for this piece would be to add some of your own thoughts; do you personally feel threatened by air pollution where you live? Additionally, I would like to know what the source material from your first paragraph is from. A good citation would be awesome, because that’s a really important part of this research, and it’s certainly something I would like to talk about with other people.
      Here’s a cool article about Hong Kong, which is a very interesting subject. One of the images in the article even features a woman stretching with an enormous Bane-like mask: http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/2093710/hot-hazy-day-hong-kong-air-quality-drops-unhealthy

    • Hi, Walter. I am very interested in this topic because I am very interested in the environment. I, too, have seen what it’s like to be a very bad polluted city. Being Salt Lake, we have inversion in the winter because of the pollution tents trapped between two mountain ranges. But we also get air pollution in the summer too from the wildfires. During the wintertime, the news station here always brings up a topic the Utah is leading in. Scientists have compared air pollution to autism. They say they have found that women are pregnant, their infants have found high levels of fine-particulate in infants. While this is still being researched, they have looked into Utah, who is the fourth highest in autism rate, and how bad air pollution is here. We know scientists tell us to drive cars less and burn little wood, but what other procedures can we do to limit air pollution? I hope this helps! Source: https://www.autismspeaks.org/science/science-news/largest-ever-study-autism-pollution-shows-strong-link-during-pregnancy

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