• This research project focuses on differences that immigrants face when they encounter a foreign healthcare system, and superficially delves into different articles and psychology experiments that focus on these

  • I think it is beautiful how you used language to speak about language barrier. I personally used to have trouble with language because I grew up speaking Spanish and I felt behind in everyday conversations. Well done:)

  • Very cool! I think it is interesting how you connect economic patterns to human psychology through this unique topic. For the future I also think it would be interesting to see the nature of brand addiction in the United States versus other countries and how those patterns are related to consumeristic cultures.

  • Having recently funneled my research topic to the question, “What are different ways culture influences health care, and how can issues due to cultural differences be addressed?”, I have been researching more abo

  • After spending time going through Gale databases to continue my search for resources about health care and culture, I delved into different facets of the medical world, and different healthcare systems in

  • For the research paper that our English class is drafting in class individually, I have decided to research the influence of culture in healthcare through individual experience, interviews with professionals with

  • Hi Matt,

    I really liked reading your essay. I have been thinking about the results of the presidential election, and I agree that Trump won fair and square, even though I begrudgingly accept these results as a Clinton supporter :). However, facts are facts and he is the president-elect, and I do disagree with other liberals who are stating that…[Read more]

  • Hi Skylar,
    Very interesting read. The issue of capital punishment really does have several different factors that need to be accounted for.
    Recently I have been reading a book by Sister Helen Prejean, titled Dead Man Walking. The argument she present is against capital punishment, not only citing Catholic Church teachings and morality to justify…[Read more]

  • Hi Cami,
    I like this article, it brings up something that is not usually discussed among high schoolers. I personally favor art classes as part of public school curriculum because I have grown up with music. My elementary school was a choir school, and not only do I think incorporating the arts stimulates students’ minds, but it also taught me…[Read more]

  • Hi Jenessa,
    Rarely do I read book reviews, but this one has me wanting to read this book:) Kind of like the Breakfast Club, it interests me how this book challenges the status quo and makes us more aware of what we are privileged to have. Look forward to looking for this book.

  • Beautiful poem! It is very moving. Thank you for bringing greater awareness to the presence of rape culture. In the USA, although not blatantly praising rape culture, does promote it in a very subtle way, as girls are told to control how they dress, to not make eye contact, to not do anything suggestive in any way.

    Recently in Spanish class we…[Read more]

  • Hi Natalie,

    It is interesting that you are bringing this topic up because it is really relevant in today’s world, especially in the lives of teenagers. It is hard to see the ramifications of the presence of the advanced technology we use on a daily basis, because they are a very recent development. It presents a community that is much larger than…[Read more]

  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for bringing this up in your writing. Even in adults, there are more people who have some type of mental illness without being diagnosed. Mental health is becoming less of a taboo now than it was before, but there is definitely some (not so) blissful ignorance on the topic.

    I found a website that has lots of information, from the…[Read more]

  • Hi Edgar,

    I’m also a senior, and Mexican. Although my family does have documentation, I do see all the barriers Hispanics face when they immigrate to the USA, yet the “aliens” (I don’t really like that word) that I do know are some of the hardest working people I know.

    While I don’t have any sources that could directly help/give data on this…[Read more]

  • Hi Edgar,

    I’m also a senior, and Mexican. Although my family does have documentation, I do see all the barriers Hispanics face when they immigrate to the USA, yet the “aliens” (I don’t really like that word) that I do know are some of the hardest working people I know.

    While I don’t have any sources that could directly help/give data on this i…[Read more]

  • Hi Cami,
    Thank you for sharing your story:). No teenager should have to deal with that kind of prolonged pain. I really liked hearing your story, and learning about MALS, because I had no idea it existed. My mom suffers from the same symptoms and there hasn’t really been any diagnosis on the chronic pain she has, so I will definitely talk to her…[Read more]

  • One of the political issue that has been reiterated many times recently, especially during the 2016 presidential election, has been the gender wage gap. Gender equality has been ever more present as well with the

    • Dear Victoria,

      I am interested in your topic since the pay gab between gender is a big controversies still to this day. One thing that stood out to me was when you mentioned that the next president should really consider this and make everything equal including the salary pay gap between genders. Your essay is very persuasive. Thanks for your writing and I really hope to read your wonderful writing.

    • I enjoyed reading about this topic, it was very informational and you did a good job at explaining everything. It upsets me how women are still getting paid less then men. We need to work to close the gender wage gap because this should not be a problem anymore.

    • One of the fact about the “wage gap” that people do not like to bring up is the amount of men and women in dangerous jobs. Men make up more of the worker in these jobs, not because they are sexist jobs, but because women generally don’t apply for these kinds of jobs and generally prefer safer jobs. Due to the dangerous nature of these jobs, these workers are paid more. That is why there is a wag gap, not because the business owners are mean. If the owners could get away with paying women less for the same job as a man, why would they hire men at all. It would make more business sense to hire only women so they could make more profit.

  • There are definitely cultural characteristics that I think keeps women quiet, leaving many cases unreported. This is also an issue that is rampant all over the world, and can be seen in laws such as pardon through

  • It is interesting how you bring up how the two sides use different language to achieve different means. However, do you think one side is more “politically correct”? It is definitely changing in this year’s

  • Many stories throughout history have been driven by major religions. If oe looks closely to major events, wars, and rises and declines of major civilizations, it is almost always over a dispute of belief (in

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