• The book ‘Street Life’ written by Dr. Victor Rios, is about Victor and the decisions he made throughout his life and how he changed his life of being a delinquent to graduate college with a PhD. He is now liv

    • Victor,

      Thank you for your post. I really enjoyed reading it. The book you have chosen to read seems really interesting. I like how you incorporated your favorite part of the book in your post and how you had a suggestion on why us as readers of your post should read this book. From what you have said it seems like a really interesting book. Thank you again for your post.

  • The reason why I chose the pictures for my book cover is because they relate really well to the quotes, and it is also the most relating pictures I could’ve found. I chose the plain black background because and I

  • Dear Bladimir :
    I am excited with your post, “20 Years from now,” because I want to see how your life would be in 20 years from now. It also gives me a little glimpse on how you want your life to play out in the next decades.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I set out to do them, but before I walk out the door, I pray to a cross…[Read more]

  • Blog Post Chapters 2 & 3 Street Life


    After reading the first three chapters of Victor Rios’ Street Life, I feel sorry for Dr. Rios about the events he is telling his audience. In looking at the imagery he us

    • Dear Victor,

      It was great to read your post about your book that you are reading. This was very complete and full of great details. I will have to read this book, because it sounds very realistic and seems to address many problems in today’s world. This was probably for your English class. Here’s a website to visit about more sensory details in literature: https://study.com/academy/lesson/sensory-details-in-writing-definition-examples.html Thank you for writing this!


    • Victor,
      I have never read this book, however I got a decent handle of what it is about through the descriptions you give. I liked how you incorporated the different types of imagery because in a book, this is very important. Being able to feel like you are experiencing something with the author is what will grab readers attention. I have found that when I read books that include this, I am picturing every event that occurs. A website I found talks about why imagery is so important. The url is http://www.germmagazine.com/writing-tips-the-importance-of-imagery-by-mary-keleshian/
      Thank you for sharing your writing with me.

    • This is very interesting commentary, Victor. When I write, I like to use as many of the senses as I can to draw my reader into the words, because without our senses we can’t get a clear view of our environment. Visual sensations are often times the best to use, because I would argue that it is the one that is the most important to us. It guides our every move and allows us to have a clear picture of the world we live in. Here is an interesting article about why our sight is so important to us: http://www.germmagazine.com/writing-tips-the-importance-of-imagery-by-mary-keleshian/. I will look forward to your next post.

    • Victor,
      I liked your thoughtful commentary on the book you have been reading. It is always helpful to try and understand text on deeper levels to catch hidden meanings and metaphors. If this is something you are interested in, I recommend reading, “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” by Thomas Foster (https://mseffie.com/assignments/professor/How%20to%20Read%20Literature%20like%20a%20Professor%202nd.pdf) This helps the reader recognize when we need to interpret the meaning of text. overall, I thought you were able to give some great insight pertaining to the imagery of ‘Victor Rio’s Street Life’
      Hope to hear more!

    • Victor,

      great commentary on an aspect of writing that is incredibly important. The best writers use imagery in a way that keeps things interesting and really paints a picture for the reader. Some of the best books are those that you can feel yourself delving into, being sucked in through the writers descriptions of events and scenes. Imagery and vivid description allows us to further portray what we are trying to write about, and are elements that can improve everyone’s writing.

      Here’s a resource that discusses the importance of imagery more effectively than I can:


      Thank you for your writing,

    • Hello Victor, I liked this post about the book your reading. You included a lot of helpful details. They were also very specific and well written. I have never read this book but it sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • In twenty years, I will be 37 years old, and I had already graduated from a four-year college and made everyone in my family proud of me because that’s what they all expected from me and I made it a reality. I

    • Dear Victor
      I am impressed by your post, “My Life -2037-” because of all the goals you set for yourself and family. You seem to be motivated and I think you will really go for it and be successful is your goals.One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is; “I decided to go to college to further my education instead of going straight to the workforce and work at a sh*tty job that pays little, so I went to school for a longer time to get a better job that pays more.” I think this is thoughtful idea, because you are thinking ahead to be more financially efficient in your future. Your plan will also help you become more intelligent and hopefully help you with earning credentials. Another sentence that amused me was: “ I went on to pursue my passion towards technology and created a business that has to do with creating prototypes of completely new things and if they have been created; my prototypes are either better or different in a certain way. .” This stood out for me because it shows that you will be thinking outside the box and will be more unique as a person.
      Your post reminds me of many ideas that I wanted to pursue for my future. I was also really into the idea of going into the technology and engineering field. Although i’m not too sure about that anymore, when you wrote about wanting to start your own business, it reminded me that I wanted to start one too. Your post about your future; overall really gave me an idea on how similar my future will turn out.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I’m curious on how your life will turn out. Also if your business and educational goals will be achieved.

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