• Viviana
  • Hey Cynthia, I see ways that driverless cars can help people. I do agree that many people late at night get sleepy and driverless cars can help. It can also help drunk drivers get home safer without them driving. I can see the flaws on having driverless cars, teachnology does not always turn out to be perfect. Having driverless cars can go both…Read More

  • Dear Aaliyah
    Your text caught my eye because of how five teenagers are wanting to make a difference in their communities. I like how rallies were formed to speak about racial justice. These teenagers were taking action to fight for racial justice and I believe they are doing the right thing. I do agree that Racism need to stop.

  • The article “Is housework split up fairly in your home?” explains how now men help out at home than before. Men before just went to work and came home. Women would be the ones taking care of the kid(s), cleaning, cooking, etc. Now men are coming home and helping out with chores. This is not included in the article but women are able to go to work…Read More

  • The article “Is college worth it?” explains that people have the option of either going to college or not. This article explains that people,e that do go to college have a better advantage to get a job than a person that did not go to college. Going to college also gives you more job opportunities than the people that did not go to college. People…Read More

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