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    Dear Fernando, I agree and can relate to your post, ¨High School Stress¨ because i know how it feels to stress over finals, homework, sports, and getting good grades so you make sure you graduate high school. But sometimes for me, I get stressed out even more because of my life outside of school. Sometimes it can get worse and you don’t know w…Read More

  • Dear Emily, I can connect to this post, ¨What You Thought You Knew¨, because when you’re in a moment where you’ve been before in the past it helps you rethink the mistakes that you made. In this post, you stated that. And you also stated other students relating to this situation. So i think this will benefit students as they get older.

  •  The sentence´s that stood out to me was, ¨It was hard for me to control the thoughts that came and I’d often just let that thought out, even though it may not have been a fully developed one.¨ This stood out to me because I can relate to this. I have sometimes said things without thinking first. In the end, it end up becoming a problem beca…Read More

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