• Hi Stephanie,
    I would like to applauded your strength and bravery. So many young mothers do not stay in school, and I’m glad you decided to stay and that you see the importance in education. Balance is so important, and school can not be everything. Without outside school activities I think I would lose my mind. I think it’s really cool that…[Read more]

  • Hi Adam,
    This piece to me is all about perspective. It’s something we all need sometimes and for your dad it’s this art piece. For me perspective is when read about the mass amount of poverty all around the world. Did you know that there’s around a billion people who live on only a dollar a day. It makes me grateful for everything I have. I think…[Read more]

  • Hi Alberto,
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. I like how you start out by talking about what you lost by immigrating to the US. Especially when it comes to distance and relationships with family is always hard. My favorite line was the one about how your Grandmother’s voice reminds you of the past. For me its always certain smells that brings…[Read more]

  • Hi Sundus,
    I don’t much about the Qu’ran other that it’s the primary religious text of Islam, but after reading your piece I was given a new perspective on how it effects people on a very personal level. I’m still wondering how specifically the Qu’ran has made you feel better? Is the a certain story or verse that really resonates to you? Can’t…[Read more]

  • Hi Ishak,
    I would like to say that I was very impressed with this piece of writing even more so when I learned that you only started learning English three years ago. I though you brought up a lot of good points about how being multilingual can never be anything other a positive thing. I myself wish I was able to speak more than one language. It…[Read more]

  • Hi, Jean
    I’m Violet a senior at Okemos High School. Really enjoyed learning a little bit about you. Living in the Bronx must be exiting or at least to me as I live in a small town. When reading your piece all I wanted to know was more. I wanted more about that experience you had when you where little, especially since not everyone gets to see…[Read more]

  • Hi Kiana,
    I really loved this letter to your friend. It was honest and heartfelt. For a minuet there I though I was standing in the room with you guys. Tell your friend to stay positive.

  • Hi, Aurora
    This such an important topic that I didn’t even fully realize he extent of it. The statics you provided was starling. I really like the part where these homes try reconnect families. I could never imagine losing all contact with my family, especially over something like my sexuality. I love the mission that these community homes…[Read more]

  • Almost two days ago I finished a ten page research page about globalization, but it was definitely a process. At the start of this process I was excited to be able to take a deeper look at a topic that interest

  • The topic I wish to further research is globalization. More specifically how it will/is effecting our society as a whole, and whether or not it has positive or negative ramifications. I hope to cover the effects

    • Violet,
      I really enjoyed your article and I think this is a very important topic. Globalization is super relevant to what is going on in the world right now and I think that this topic would be a very interesting topic for you to study. I think that you would be able to cover all the effects in those several areas that you listed above. One question that I have is how are you going to present all of this information in a nicely organized way? Globalization is huge and I think that if you wanted to focus in on something specific you definitely could. I found an article that is specifically about globalization and how it effects the economy. I hope to hear more from you! Good luck!

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    Anna, I appericate your poem. In a time of turmoil this peom leaves my feeling calm and safe. So thankyou for giving me a break from the chaos. ( also if I like to learn more about reefs you might want to read ” The Reef” by Ian McCalman).

  • Hi,
    I’m Violet from Okemos High School. I enjoyed learning a little bit more about yourself through objects. Even though we are strangers I fell like I’ve learned about you. I hope to read more form you in the near future.

  • Dear Molly,
    I completely agree with your stance. I appreciated how you were able to summarize a very complex issue, while still using an abundant amount of evidence. It’s hard to see other sides when you have a strong opinion on the topic, but you were able to share a variety of side without too much bias.

  • The vast possibilities of anything happening: the unknown.The near perfect mixture of excitement and fright. The unknown knows no borders, no limit. It embodies hope and relentless determination. Without the

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