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    Hi Stephanie,
    I would like to applauded your strength and bravery. So many young mothers do not stay in school, and I’m glad you decided to stay and that you see the importance in education. Balance is so important, and school can not be everything. Without outside school activities I think I would lose my mind. I think it’s really cool that…Read More

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    Violet commented on the post, A Small Village

    Hi Adam,
    This piece to me is all about perspective. It’s something we all need sometimes and for your dad it’s this art piece. For me perspective is when read about the mass amount of poverty all around the world. Did you know that there’s around a billion people who live on only a dollar a day. It makes me grateful for everything I have. I think…Read More

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    Violet commented on the post, Short Story of Life

    Hi Alberto,
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. I like how you start out by talking about what you lost by immigrating to the US. Especially when it comes to distance and relationships with family is always hard. My favorite line was the one about how your Grandmother’s voice reminds you of the past. For me its always certain smells that brings…Read More

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    Violet commented on the post, Opinions on the Qu'ran

    Hi Sundus,
    I don’t much about the Qu’ran other that it’s the primary religious text of Islam, but after reading your piece I was given a new perspective on how it effects people on a very personal level. I’m still wondering how specifically the Qu’ran has made you feel better? Is the a certain story or verse that really resonates to you? Can’t…Read More

  • Hi Ishak,
    I would like to say that I was very impressed with this piece of writing even more so when I learned that you only started learning English three years ago. I though you brought up a lot of good points about how being multilingual can never be anything other a positive thing. I myself wish I was able to speak more than one language. It…Read More

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