With rising populations in the East Bay riding a bike these days is much more dangerous than it was 100 years ago but some say it’s safer than ever to safely commute around town. Commuting t

    • Lior replied 1 month ago

      I think this is a great solution, as a biker the bike paths and bicycle friendly streets are very helpful!

    • Isa replied 1 month ago

      I agree with lior, and I’ve found when driving on larger streets drivers are rude or just completely ignore the bike lane so I end up riding on the sidewalk.

    • This is such an interesting topic. I absolutely think that cities should be more involved in getting people to be more active in their everyday lives. As you mentioned many challenges arrive when you think about public safely. Cities should be aware of these risks and work to find solutions that benefit everybody. Your solution of building more biking pathways to increase safety, is a very good idea.

    • Hi Victor,
      I think your solutions to fixing these problems are quite unique. A lot of people are unaware of traffic laws as you said and this can make problems more dangerous for bike drivers, pedestrians, and drivers in cars who must share the roads with these people. I definitely think we should widen the road so that there is a bike lane on the majority of roads, possibly separated by rails to stop cars from hitting cyclists.

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