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    Victoria's Ode to Black Wall Street & Hustlers

    Oh Black Wall Street, a place of dreams Where commerce flourished, and hope gleamed In the heart of Tulsa, a beacon of light A community thriving, shining so bright Businesses owned by women and men Creating wealth and prosperity, again and again Thriving in a...

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    Nana Carter's America on Trial Headlines Argument

    INTRODUCTION My name is Nana Carter. I'm a mother, grandmother, and a role model in my community. I’ve lived in Garden Heights my whole life, raising children and witnessing the dynamics of our neighborhood. It breaks my heart that this...

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    • I feel like your passionate advocacy for justice and equality in Garden Heights is truly inspiring. Your personal connection to the community and your dedication to being a voice for the unheard are admirable qualities. I appreciate how you articulate the interconnectedness of local issues with broader global implications, highlighting the importance of international attention to address systemic injustices. One question I have is how do you plan to engage with local policymakers and community leaders to amplify your message and enact meaningful change in Garden Heights? Keep up the incredible work, Nana, your advocacy is making a difference in the lives of many.

    • What really caught my eye was your picture. You were able to capture so much with just a few things. It is so powerful and your writing is too!

    • Thank you, Nana Carter, for your powerful and heartfelt testimony. Your words have painted a vivid picture of the harsh realities faced by the community of Garden Heights and the pervasive racial injustices that persist within the U.S. criminal justice system.
      As a respected member of your community and a role model for many, your voice carries immense weight and authenticity. The pain and frustration you have expressed in witnessing loved ones fall victim to prejudice, unjust incarceration, and unequal law enforcement practices are deeply moving. Your call for the United Nations to intervene and demand regular assessments of the U.S. criminal justice system, specifically targeting racial disparities, is a crucial step towards addressing these systemic issues.
      Your argument for the UN to support a resolution that focuses on uplifting communities like Garden Heights, rather than perpetuating injustice, is both powerful and pragmatic. By advocating for the creation of job opportunities, business development, and addressing the root causes of crime and poverty, you are advocating for a holistic and sustainable approach to tackling these complex issues.

    • This essay by Nana Carter powerfully highlights the systemic racial injustices within the US criminal justice system, particularly focusing on the experiences of marginalized communities like Garden Heights. Through compelling storytelling and statistical evidence, Carter effectively underscores the urgent need for international attention and action to address these pervasive issues. The essay eloquently calls on the United Nations to advocate for comprehensive reforms that prioritize justice, equality, and human rights for all individuals impacted by discriminatory practices in the criminal justice system.

    • Nana, your impassioned plea for justice and equality in Garden Heights and beyond is truly inspiring. Your personal experiences and deep-rooted connections to your community add a powerful authenticity to your advocacy efforts. Your call for the United Nations to intervene and address the systemic racial injustices within the US criminal justice system is both necessary and timely. I commend your bravery in standing up for the unheard voices and for tirelessly working towards a brighter future for your grandchildren and generations to come.

      How do you envision the United Nations’ involvement impacting the fight against racial injustices within the US criminal justice system? Additionally, what steps do you believe individuals within communities like Garden Heights can take to amplify their voices and advocate for change on a local level?

    • Your cover image is incredibly captivating, this is what drew me to your post. In your post, you write from the perspective of a Washington Heights resident who is fed up with the large number of your neighbors being put behind bars. I think your image of the flag being like the bars of a prison cell shows the U.S.’s mass incarceration problem. I think calling the United Nations to help solve this problem is a very powerful solution that I believe could come to fruition one day.

    • Your picture really catches my eye with how unique it is. I also love how this ties in with the name using the word “Trails”.

    • For starters, I am really compelled by your cover art that you used for this writing piece. I also am captivated by your introduction and the way you introduced yourself in the beginning, it really set the tone of the rest of the writing. I also believe that the criminal justice issue is a big problem and I agree with all of your statements in regards to reforming it. There are so many wrongfully incriminated people simply due to racial disparities and it’s saddening to know those people are wasting their valuable lives away behind bars. Thank you for sharing this, it’s a very touching topic!

    • In see your speech to the Human Rights Commission highlights the unfairness in the US criminal justice system, especially for people of color. Loved how you shared personal experiences from your community and called on the United Nations to take action. You emphasize the need for change and international cooperation to protect human rights. Great job on delivering a strong and important message! What steps do you believe should be taken to address racial injustices within the criminal justice system and promote equality for all individuals? This picture related so well to what your talking about.

    • Well done Victoria, Your speech as Nana Carter, effectively highlighted the urgency of addressing racial injustices within the criminal justice system and calls for meaningful action from both national and international bodies. With some additional detail and exploration of potential solutions, it has the potential to inspire meaningful dialogue and mobilize support for systemic change.

    • Like some others have said in their comments, your cover photo is what drew my eye. Before I even read it, I could tell what the piece would be about because it contrasts the values of the American flag. All in all, this was a very powerful essay that highlights some personal experiences with racial injustices and struggle in America. (Nice Pfp)

    • I believe the author talks about the unfair treatment that people of color, especially Black and Brown communities, face from the police and justice system in the United States.
      The writer wants the United Nations, which is an organization that works to protect human rights around the world, to take notice of these problems and demand changes in the American justice system. This could help reduce crime and make things better for future generations. The image shows a powerful symbol hands in shackles or handcuffs laid over the American flag. This represents how people who should have freedom and rights in America are instead being held back and oppressed, especially within the justice system.

    • Your image was what first caught my attention because of its sort of juxtaposition to the “freedom” that the US flag represents. This essay was a good read that gave a personal experience and exposure to the injustices and racism that are within the US criminal justice system. Another good part of the essay is again their own personal experiences regarding the justice system, also I like your pfp, I love CSM.

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    Mission Catastrophe Mini Saga

    The rash was spreading, pulsing, hurting. It started as a small, red mark on his arm, but now it had grown to cover his entire body. He could feel the infection spreading, consuming him from the inside out. The...

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    • Your cover photo drew me in to read your post. I like the genre you choose to write about it’s something I would read/watch. Hope you continue writing.

    • Your cover picture is very interesting and it drew me to your post. Right away I knew this was going to be some kind of horror piece or something of the sort. Your story was written in a lot of detail to the point I cringed in some parts because of how gross the situation was. The writing hit us and our 5 senses hard and made sure we were grossed out. I wonder what led you to have the creativity to write this? Did you have any inspiration? I loved reading this!

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