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i just don't understand what she means


i get that shes been through alot n stuff but come on

why were they in puerto rico n why do they need special investigators to find her?

probably were n that isn't gooddd

yeahh agreed

n a kind man toooo

he rlly does tbhhh

I mean, not everyone has to have talents to be successful or “great” there already unique in their own way:)

I feel the same way, because at first I was wait what then I was like Damnn, that rlly happened

I agree, because they could be in love secretly


I agree with you 100%

Yeaa, they are probably lovers

Maybe Jesus, who knowsss😭😂

Yea, trueee

Why was Mrs. hunt saying “Jesus speaks to me”?

i thought this was funny but weird to me..because the way he said “groaning-on their sexual careers”

He probably is really important to him tbh

I feel like he’s right.. because hes saying that white people barley get to give them a chance n doesn’t give them the same love as colored people want them to give.. yk what I’m saying?


Ik.. sometimes I wish Racism wasn’t even in the world.. n we could all just be equal.. n treat each other equally 😔.

Yea your right


This is very sad.. like I just don’t get why they would even do that

So true

Agree 100%

It means to argue with someone but quick

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