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    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is when you said that in the future you wanted to make your music one day. This stands out because I didn’t know you wanted to make your own music that is very cool. If you could make your own music what would it be?

  • My Shadow Box


    The shadow box represents my life, what I love and care about and some assigned  identities. A chosen identity that I put in my shadow box is a Soccer field. Soccer is very important to me b

    • Dear Victor,

      One sentence that you wrote that stands for me is “ Soccer is very important to me because All my life I been playing soccer is like a second nature for me I love playing soccer.” I think this is is awesome because I can see that you really love soccer if you capitalize All and state “All my life.” I hope you follow your dreams to be a soccer player and don’t give up on it! 😀

  • Dear, Kevin Wu

    I felt empowered when I read your shadow box because how you talk about the stereotypes you face and other people do too. Another thing I like is that you were very open to us and very specific. Also, it was good shadow box thanks for sharing.

  • Dear, Alex

    I like how you added very specific things to describe the different identities. I like how on of your chosen identity is being a soccer player because I like playing soccer as well we have something in common.

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