• Dear, Dustin
    This article about fortnite is very interesting and it made me think about different effect it can have on people either positive or negative. A line that stood out was when you said “This could help players because they are antisocial in real life then this would be a great opportunity for them to make friends and socialize a…[Read more]

  • Dear, Oscar

    I really like your topics because it really connects to Oakland and what is happening in the world. Also a line that stood out to me was when you said “An African-American born in West Oakland can expect to die almost 15 years earlier than a White person born in the Oakland Hills”(Schell). This line really stood out to me because I d…[Read more]

  • Dear, Judith

    I was really amazed with your writing specially the topics you chose because not a lot of people write about this and people need to know about topic. One part that stand out to me was when “More inclusion in OUSD matters and leads to safety because it allows youth to explore the beauty of the diversity not only within their c…[Read more]


             Why we should have more parks in Oakland

    We sometimes see parks as a waste of time and money for the community. But actually parks can do a lot for the community. For example, they can bring the

    • Dear Victor,

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “It’s also saying that the parks are very important for everyone so that kids have where to have fun and for the community to have a place to go so that they can have fun as a community and it would also help the obesity rates go down.” I think that this quote’s meaning is strong because I see that you clearly explained that parks are really important to the community itself. An example of this is when you talked about connecting Parks and physical health and somewhat parks and moods. One thing that you can work on is fixing the order of your words, so it could be understandable and readable to the reader and I also recommend to make your sentences shorter.

    • Dear Victor,

      I surprised on how you are saying that we should have more parks in Oakland because they bring our community more together. Also I really like how you said that kids and adults can be more involved with their community if we have more parks in Oakland. The fact that you showed evidence showing that parks make Oakland a better and healthier place for the people shows that you really are an expert on your topic. One sentence that stands out to me is when you said how kids these days just want to be behind a screen really is showing me that we need to have more parks in order for kids to be more active. Additionally when you said that some kids in Oakland dont really have easy access to parks reminds me of how I don't have easy access to a park and I think what your saying about putting more parks in Oakland can help residents it can help me too. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are a great writer and your way of helping your community is great.

      Sincerely Oscar

  • Dear, Bryan

    Thanks for sharing your poem with us, you are a Poet. A line that stood out to me was when you said “ Is just a chemical reaction it hits hard but slowly fades”. That line stood out to me because it’s expressing a lot of feeling to that line and also connecting to R+J. Your poem was very good, you can tell that you took a lot to mak…[Read more]

  • Victor commented on the post, Violence 1 month ago

    I thought your poem was very deep and very good. Also I like how you connect R+J to the real world. I really like how you said a line of shakespeare and added it to your poem. Thanks for sharing your poem and sharing your experience.

  • This poem is like Romeo and Juliet because it discusses love. But, it talking about 2018 in different times. I hope you enjoy my poem. 

    Love can be beautiful

    Love can be ugly

    2 young teens

    born in different

    • Dear Victor,

      Thank you so much for sharing your poem, “Love is Powerful” on Youth Voices. The lines “love is beautiful” and “love can be ugly” stand out to me because they are such a strong way to start out your poem, and they give you a lot to think about. I also like how much emotion this poem brings. I feel like you really thought about how the best way to write it, and you executed it very well. Thank you for publishing your work, and I look forward to reading your next piece!


    • Bryan replied 1 month ago

      Dear, Victor
      I like how you choose the topic Love, but what inspired you to choose love as your topic. Anyways your poem was great. A line that stood out to me was when you said, “Both would do anything so they could be together wishing they could go back to the moment where they fell in love even knowing that they shouldn’t be because they both came from “different places”. That line stood out to me because I feel like I can see that moment play out in my head. Overall your poem was good you should write more.
      Sincerely, Bryan Moreno

  • Dear, Anthony

    I felt empowered when I read your shadow box because it is different from other people boxes. Something I learn from you is that your humor is funny but it can be dark too. I like your box because it’s different and the colors mean something for example you said yellow represents that you are funny and bright and but it can be dark.…[Read more]

  • Victor commented on the post, My shadow box 3 months, 1 week ago

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is when you said that in the future you wanted to make your music one day. This stands out because I didn’t know you wanted to make your own music that is very cool. If you could make your own music what would it be?

  • My Shadow Box


    The shadow box represents my life, what I love and care about and some assigned  identities. A chosen identity that I put in my shadow box is a Soccer field. Soccer is very important to me b

    • Dear Victor,

      One sentence that you wrote that stands for me is “ Soccer is very important to me because All my life I been playing soccer is like a second nature for me I love playing soccer.” I think this is is awesome because I can see that you really love soccer if you capitalize All and state “All my life.” I hope you follow your dreams to be a soccer player and don’t give up on it! 😀

    • Dear Victor,
      One part of your paragraph, “The truth about me” that I like is where you take about soccer being really important to you! I like how you point out why you like cars and that your dad is the reason you are inspired on cars. A part that stood out to me is when you were talking about being Mexican, I agree that people see that being Mexican is a “bad” thing. I’m really happy that you are proud of being Mexican! Keep up the good work, hope seeing more of your hard work.

  • Victor commented on the post, The Hidden Story 4 months ago

    Dear, Kevin Wu

    I felt empowered when I read your shadow box because how you talk about the stereotypes you face and other people do too. Another thing I like is that you were very open to us and very specific. Also, it was good shadow box thanks for sharing.

  • Dear, Alex

    I like how you added very specific things to describe the different identities. I like how on of your chosen identity is being a soccer player because I like playing soccer as well we have something in common.

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