• I have been called many things in the past like a beaner and a mexican and a lot more. My name is Victor Corral and I am from Oakland. I am fourteen years old and I care about school and my family. Many dominant

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      Dear Victor Corral,
      Your story about your shadowbox is really interesting from my perspective because you talked about how your ethnicity or identity effects you from the stereotypes that people assume. But at the same time I really liked your explanation behind your shadowbox of how it connects to your childhood and your favorite sports and team. And you talking about the election of Donal Trump and how it has impacted your family that connects to me because i’m from Guatemala and also my parents. And I know and I have taught of the same thing about what would happened to me if my parents get deported and my little siblings that were born here? It’s a question that other Latinos or Hispanics may have asked to their selves because now that we are under a president that does not really respect our culture and race its really difficult to maintain the happiness and a good life that we want because he is taking opportunities that we as latinx people want to have. But I really liked that you said that you and your family always “Stay positive” because there is better and important things in life that we as teenagers have to focus on like our education. And I hope you write more about your stories and thoughts because we all have a different life and thinking that makes us unique.

      Some questions that I have for you are:
      What do you think about the numerous of immigrants coming in the USA this past years? especially Juvenile teenagers.
      If you could get to play sports would you play football in the Raiders team?
      If Donald Trump gets fired as president in the government how would you feel? And who would you like to overtake the presidency?

      Olga M.

  • dear Christy your essay has really impacted me because this is real and they should be making homeless shelters for people that are homeless and this would help by maintain clean in the streets of oakland. what did you mean about teens like your age has been killed because of violence you.

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