• Vicente Pena

    March 20, 2018

    Period 4


    Tribute to Manuel

    La verdad es que nunca lo conocí muy bien pero se que fue un buen padre a sus hijos y buen esposo a su esposa. Me acuerdo cuando le dieron la noticia a

  • This is the story of when my bestfriend was there when my brother couldn’t.

    • Vicente,
      I am happy to see your comic, “Family VS Friendship” because I think it’s a sweet story full of feelings. One part of your comic that stands out for me is where you found a friend to actually be there for you. I think this is really good that you found someone to be there for you even if it’s not necessarily your family. Thanks for your comic. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I think you express real significant things about your life.

    • Thank you for your art work Chente. I really liked how you went into detail with the mariachi’s outfits!

    • Thanks for sharing this. I think the over all image of this is the differences between family and friendship, but I believe that friendship and family can also be one thing. One can a really strong friendship with his or her family. And we always consider our closest friends as family too, so there is literally nothing wrong with having both relation with your siblings or with a friend.

    • Vicente,
      I like how in only a one page comic, we got to see a side of you that expanded and got to see more of the relationship with you and your brother. I hope you get to expand this art piece because it truly shows that you have talent.

    • Hey vicente,
      I really like this comic you have put together. It really shows the different relationships you can have with friends and family. There will always be someone there, for us in a time of need.

  • They laugh,

    We laugh,

    Everyone laughs.

    Eyes squinting, growing pain in stomach.

    Are they laughing with me?

    Are they laughing at me ?


    I myself don’t laugh too much at jokes I hear


    • I loved this poem, mostly because you expressed yourself in a way that you rarely do. You spoke to the audience and challenged me to think about the word “funny”. keep writing, this piece was nice!

    • I like how he tells jokes but he doesn’t offend no one.

    • Dear Vicente,
      I am impressed that you chose funny from all of the characteristics that you have. Though I agree that you are very funny and it is something that really suits you. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is, “I love the acknowledgment for the creativity of the words I say that generate laughter in others creating a perfect punch line for a situation is like art, Yes, I guess sometimes remarks are unnecessary, But then again being so uptight is as well.” I really like how you say that it is something creative for you to do or it seems as a way of art for you. Also being able to say things out loud that you mean instead of just keeping them inside of yourself. I can myself say that you are very funny because I always see you making people laugh. Another sentence that I liked was, “I don’t want to laugh at racist jokes or stupid insults. Make fun of yourself or stay quiet instead.” The reason why I really like this line is because you avoid making fun of people or laughing at things that would hurt other people. It is very nice from your part to take in count what others might think or feel. I agree with you that we need laughter because it is something amazing to have. Everyone deserves to be happy and have laughter in their lives.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are very thoughtful of what others think and how they feel, hopefully you write soon.

  • Your names relationship to you is very similar to mine. We carry around our names with pride and they motivate us to become overall better people.

  • “Me my Dad and Future I”

    By Vicente Pena

    As I sit here thinking on the relationship between me and my name I start thinking about my culture. Some are tied down by the unspoken rules or beliefs on how som

    • Miguel replied 1 year ago

      Vicente, I can also relate to your post because I was named after a family member that was pretty much a great inspiration. My name, like yours fills me with aspirations for the future. Great work.

    • Dear Vicente,
      I really liked how this post was stated. It is really strong and it makes me feel happy to see more people sharing really deep and personal stories. The more people share more of stories like these, the stronger that this community can become overall. Something that I really liked about your post is that you really, really relate to your culture all throughout this post. It makes your name feel that much stronger, knowing that it came from a very important place for not just you, but also for your family. An example of this would be, “Occasionally i’m made fun of by being called Vicente Fernandez, a musical genius in the genre of Mariachi. It’s actually pretty flattering because him being a famous singer in the mexican culture and me being so intuned with my mexican roots”. This phrase is extremely strong because you make a connection to your culture with a comment that was supposed to be, well, not nice. Another sentence that I liked was, “ When I was little my dad always told me he wanted me to be better than him. For a long time I did not know what he was talking about. Now I realize that through the hard work he has put in to give me a future, the world’s my oyster. I want to be in the medical field and do all these great things but not for one second forget where I come from. Nurse on weekdays, mariachi on weekends. Every stroke of the bow across the violin will be a representation of the pride I have being from Jalisco”. I find these sentences incredibly strong because 1) this is how you ended your post and 2) you state your plans for the future, what you plan to do, etc. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I know that you are willing to share your thoughts for the benefit of you and others.

    • Eva replied 12 months ago

      Beautifully written –> “Carrying his name does not mean I am cloaked by a shadow of his reputation. It means he chose me as the perdosesor and person to carry on his name.” You are a talented writer, Vicente. Own that and USE it!

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