• Dear Miguel,

    First off the title caught my eye and seeing how it related to your piece was really interesting. I grew up watching Curious George so I know for a fact you grew up watching a ton of PBS. This is also where a lot of documentaries are broadcasted which was an interesting connection between the title, “Curious George” and your pas…[Read more]

  • Dear Kris,

    Thank you for sharing this piece. Not a lot of us knew this about you and I’m happy you shared. I think your a very independent person but at the same time able to crack joke and be the energy of the group. I think this stems back to your experience in middle school and it’s interesting just to see how much soccer has impacted you as…[Read more]

  • Vesna commented on the post, Making Up 2 years, 2 months ago

    Dear Chava,

    I liked the concept of your comic. I can relate as to when me and my brothers fight we don’t talk. Rather than soccer we play basketball or a game of 2k to settle disputes. Thank you for sharing this piece.

    P.S. Had to post twice cause I didn’t log in the first time.

    Vesna Sot

  • Dear Rosario,

    I think everyone who had a trip felt isolated at first so in a sense you weren’t alone. You had nice illustrations and I enjoyed reading this story from you. Let me tell you about embarrassing moment #3, I cried the first night of my trip because I was really homesick. But as time went on, I formed relationships with the people a…[Read more]

  • Its’ calm


    A sense of euphoria rushes through my spine

    As a blast of the ocean breeze grazes my face,

    The water below along with my Pride (my ship) are in perfect harmony

    Both still,

    The sky r

    • Vesna,
      I loved your writing because it is more complex than just finding a lens. I think this piece of writing has to be thought about way more to actually be able to connect to a lens simply because it has been thought about really well. This poem I think is all together a metaphor to something that can be simply said. This shows me how much you have pushed yourself as a writer.

    • Vesna, those three minutes I spent reading your lovely poem was the only right thing I did today. I liked how you used specific words like “the sky resembled a tangerine” where I could create my own illustration of your poem in my mind. This poem reminds me of the saying, “nothing lasts forever” where something can go right to terribly wrong in a matter of seconds. Keep writing Vesna, I look forward to reading them soon.

    • Dear vesna,
      I really liked how you put together this written piece. It almost makes me think about how there are many obstacle courses life decides to throw our way, but we continue to fight and make it out stronger, wiser, and smarter than before. I love how you use the connection of your feelings to the way the color of the sky changes to go along. It’s like the world knows what you are going through and is being empathetic. I hope you continue on with your journey and preserve to be a great person.

    • Dear Vesna,


    • Dear Vesna,
      This piece was very visual. As I continued to read I felt this story come alive, I was able to see the colors and tragedy you experienced. This piece was really dope, hope to see more of your work in the future. Never stop writing loser. You have the mic, don’t let it fade away.

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  • Dear Chava,

    I can relate to you a lot in this story because I get into fights with my siblings too and we don’t talk for the rest of the day. It almost brought a tear through my eye when you talked about approaching your mom to say sorry because I know you’re usually shy when it comes to expressing your feelings. Thank you for sharing this…[Read more]

  • Hey Mr. Peanutbutter,

    I’m sad. It broke my heart to hear about how you fought for your fathers love but based on his actions questioning whether he did or did not. As a child this must have been something that was a daily struggle. Even until the end the way you illustrated your forgiveness for him despite his actions was a beautiful way to end…[Read more]

  • Vesna commented on the post, 2 years, 2 months ago

    Dear Flavio,

    Sorry to hear about your Grandpa passing away. You did a really good job of turning that traumatic event into a beautifully written piece. It must have been hard speaking about this topic but I appreciate you for doing so.

    Vesna Sot

  • Hey Chata,

    I really liked your drawings and the way you told your story in a brief way. The message of the piece is beautiful and I know you have a bunch of more examples of standing up for yourself. You’ve always been really strong and hearing this story helps me to understand why that is. Thank you for sharing this piece.

    Vesna Sot

  • Dear Marlon,

    I feel that a lot of people who read this would have no clue that you were going through it. I can relate in a way to what you’re saying. Not only with the stuff about having a love one leave you but also, “And that’s why I decided to separate myself. Because it wouldn’t have been fair to them.” I feel like very often when we are goi…[Read more]

    • Dear Vesna,
      Your piece is very interesting. I really enjoyed how you shared some of the ways you became more out going. I was very similar to you in the way that I didn’t express myself very well at all but as life went on I slowly got better at it even thought it’s still kind of a struggle at times. I look forward to seeing you post more of your creative work.

    • Hi Vesna,

      I had a pleasant time reading your comic because of the message you get across. By starting with a picture of someone working in the fields it instantly caught my eye. Then it was interesting to hear your moms story and how she’s a super mom for raising such great children! I was so happy at the end to find out that even if you were affected by something your mom experienced you were able to find your voice. I know you will use your voice make your mom very proud!


  • Dear Chava,

    Your poem was really well written and demonstrated a characteristic about you that always seemed to be present. Knowing that you were a part of stats and bioethics the line, “There might be a lot of work that is due,
    Or papers that are due. I don’t freak out. I might procrastinate, But I still get the work done” I know exactly what y…[Read more]

  • Dear Cristina,

    This poem was so beautifully written in that the style of rhetoric and the way you structured it allows for an engaging story between you and the reader. Besides the writing, the concept of the poem is powerful and shows pride of the deep roots in your ancestry. You mention feeling confused and that, “Surrounded by a society that…[Read more]

  • Dear Jaime,

    Very well done. I didn’t know you were quite the poet. Your piece represents a huge part of your identity and that no matter what happiness is the key to living a fulfilling. Thanks for sharing the piece.

    Vesna Sot

  • Dear Jocelin,

    Thank you for sharing this great artistic peace. The short simplicity symbolizes sort of how you only want the best life one without complications but one where you choose what you want.

    Vesna Sot

  • You like the attention don’t you,

    Well that’s okay me to,

    But as of lately I’ve been thinking

    Maybe you should just be you,

    I mean I get it

    The attention and wanting to be cool,

    But I think

    • I liked how you used this poem to speak truly about the type of person you are. You used some clear description that stood out while reading your poem.

    • dear vest. I like how yo u came out and talked about how your really felt this is a strong poem..

      sincerly, Octavio

    • Dear Vesna,

      I am surprised that you chose dumb, I don’t think that you are dumb, but I think I understand what you are trying to say. I think that you have more in you and everyone does the things that you mention in your poem. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “You like the attention don’t you, Well that’s okay me to, But as of lately I’ve been thinking Maybe you should just be you, I mean I get it The attention and wanting to be cool.” I think that this line of the poem means a lot because it explains how everyone fails to admit that they really like the attention that they get from people. You are very understanding when you say that you want it too because that is what everyone wants. You also realize that maybe being you is the best thing because people just try to get the attention to seem cool. Another sentence that I liked was, “Maybe it’s cause I pushed my friends away when things weren’t going so well at home, Why I’m dumb as hell, It’s because I didn’t realize till now my full potential when I let go and accept being alone.” I think that at this part of your poem you are realizing that maybe letting go of people is the best thing to do because maybe not everyone will be there for you at the end. You should always think about yourself first and you don’t always have to push people away or even if you do you can let them know. It is just something that should apply to everyone and the choices that they take. I agree that people should start being themselves instead of seeking for the unnecessary attention.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because these thoughts are very interesting and I’d like to see what you write next.

    • Dear Vesnito,
      I appreciate the fuck out of this poem. You spoke your mind and really felt engaging to read. I’m happy you chose “dumb” because as a reader I thought you were going to speak about “being dumb” but you switched it around and mentioned you’re actions being dumb instead. You are a great fucking writer and I know I shouldn’t be cussing but it just shows how much I LOVE this poem and all of your other pieces. Never stop writting!

    • Dear Vesna
      I like how you started writing with a good hook that made it catch my attention to your poem. I like how you were honest with this poem about yourself. you used good details in here that made your poem interesting to me. Good Job Mijo

    • Dear Vesna,

      I am really impressed to why you wrote about yourself being “Dumb”. I personally will take the sides of you not been dumb but rather to being goofy. I know that you are a very friendly, goofy, and smart person. I do believe that you have more in you than what people think. Knowing you seems like you don’t have to be dumb to be a really cool dude, I already think you are cool enough for everyone. A line that stood out to me was the following… “Maybe you should just be you, I mean I get it. The attention and wanting to be cool. But I think you lost sight of it all And started acting a fool”. I found this line very cool and creative because you are trying to explain that when you want to be cool, you might just act like a fool so that you can be cool. This is a very cool to explain to people when they think they are cool. I know you are cool, but a cool dude without making a fool out of himself. I think that you have a very creative way of writing things in your own ways and that is a skill that very few people have. So keep up the good work that I’ve seen you done and that will get you to where you want to be.

  • Dear Chava,
    This piece was really good. I liked the way that from the start you were compared to your dad but later found your own identity. Very well done Salvador. Let’s go to the field?

  • Vesna Sot

    February 1, 2018

    Ms. Oliver



    Two Wolves


    Vesna Sot is the name I carry everywhere I go. It’s a  traditional Khmer name in which Vesna means destiny/fate and Sot means purity. Many

    • Dear Vesna Sot ALMIGHTY BULL,
      I like how you have two different names. Each of them defines a whole different person. The nickname bull sounds tough and dangerous, yet you go on to say that you portray yourself as an introvert. Very cool, never knew your nickname was Vesna.

    • Dear Vesna,
      I really enjoyed reading, “Two Wolves” I can now understand why it is titled that way. Having a name and nickname that have different identities for you. Your name Bull shows more of how you like putting things aside when you are tired. Vesna brings more of your outgoing personality that you have.

    • Dear Vensa,

      I was really intrigued in reading your memoir. I found it very interesting that you have a nickname Bull and it was a nickname since you were little. I also have a nickname so I can relate kinda with you. One sentence that I really liked from your memoir is “As an individual, I believe that my names are two conflicting identities that reflect who I am as a person”. I feel like that’s so true that people with nicknames have two identities but it also reflects how the person is. Another sentence that I really liked was “This along with treating others with respect and accepting my own bad habits such as procrastination is the version of me I truly identify as”. I also procrasted a lot and I do also think respecting others is major key. I’m looking forward on what you write next!

      Sincerely, Jennifer

    • Do “Vesna” and “Bull” have to battle? I would like to hear more about where you were heading in your final paragraph… How can you bring these powerful personalities together to help you and those around you?

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