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  • I obtained that most information from UAB Institute for Human Rights Blog. I learned most consumers buy unethical clothes blindly.

  • One Habit of MInd I used today was Listening and understanding and empathy. I used this habit of mind today because as I was reading a strategy I kinda understood what it was talking about the more I re-read it.

  • The first approach, I understood that they are using is that they use influenced brands to improve and help their industires. In the second approach, I understood that their labor laws would change only if their industry has a positive impact.

  • Edward, I completely agree with you when you say, ¨ Consumers are also the ones who give more and more power to these companies and most of the time decide not to research if the clothing they are buying are being ethically made.¨ I agree with you because consumers do give a lot of power to companies producing fast fashion. Consumers encourage t…Read More

  • Was digging through trash the only job left besides sweatshops? If most sweatshops knew a lot of people didn´t have money then why would they try and charge them for a spot in the sweatshop industry?

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bribing people to give you money for a job isn´t fair to most people without any money.

I think the poorest nations deserve to have more sweatshops, it would help out a lot of families struggling.

people only see the bad side of sweatshops and don´t realize that there are worse jobs.

A lot of Americans see sweatshops as a bad thing but sweatshops are the only good job most countries have and it´s less dangerous than looking through the trash.

a lot of women prefer to work in sweatshops because of the circumstances they are working in right at that moment but most women aren´t too lucky getting a job in a sweatshop.

a lot of people see sweatshops as a bad thing but in reality it´s not sweatshops are better than working in a toxic stink.

Most people can´t get jobs so they have to go to the next option, working in the dump.

Who should we blame for our products not being ethically made?









It isn't better for everyone when the worker making the clothes get treated horribly over fast fashion.

I think consumers wouldn't actually wait for something to be made ethically but maybe if it was pointed out more that would definitely change the consumer's mind.

they don't really point out the imperfections in manufacturing.

I think we the buyers shouldn't be the ones checking the labels to see where they were made, it should've been the store's job to check them to see if they were ethically made.

Most companies don't care about their workers getting injured. why do I say that, because most companies don't practice safety drills nor do they have someone going around checking if the workers are okay.

do you think we shoppers have the fault to why workers get put in these situations?

10% of what we wear was made ethically but what about the other 90%? workers make cheap fast-fashion clothes but don't receive their wages.

A lot of brands shop in Bangladesh because it's cheaper. This shows they only care about what's the cheapest price.

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