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    Are you sure about that? 🤔

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    Velvet Eligio

    When people look at me, they see a Latina girl, with brown eyes, black hair, and they assume that I enjoy anything related to Mexico because many other Latina/os enjoy Mexican activity

    • Dear Velvet,
      While reading your artist statement I got a feeling of joy because I felt that your words really made me feel happy. I like how much pride and love you have for yourself. I felt happy to read that. One line that stood out to me was, “I have a bracelet or necklace with a cross and that represents I am religious and that I am Catholic.” I think this is very interesting. Knowing you personally I never knew this about you. I’m also amazed that you added your religion showing your pride for that as well. Another sentence that I saw was, “ I grew up in Oakland and if I go on a trip or somewhere else and I finally come back to Oakland it feels like home”. This stood out to me because how aweing I thought this was. I think it’s very sweet to love a community that gets bashed a lot so much because it’s your home. Your post reminds me of myself in a way. I have a story that matches with your travel. You see I also traveled to mexico and brought it in as an object for my shadow box. I used it to show some of my identity so I think it’s cool we both did this similar. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you have to right next, because I see you have interesting stories I’d like to see more of. I also think your stories are sweet and give a great tone.

    • First, your profile picture is amazing, and so is your cover photo. Second I love your shadow box. I like how you represent yourself with your heritage, but you show there’s more to you than that. I also love to draw, so I connect to that really well. I spend every day trying to work on my skills, and improve. One day I hope it goes farther than just simple doodles. (A tip for people art (I’m not sure what you like to draw): Anatomy and posing is a very good thing to practice and work on. A great posing reference site is Posemaniac.com and just looking up anatomy and posing references and hitting images is a great resource as well.)

    • can i just say, I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PHOTO; TOKYO GHOUL AND BTS AHHHHHHHH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I SQUEALED 💞. this is probably one of the posts that made me laugh. your post was pretty entertaining and nice to read. the explanation of your story of your shadowbox, i can make many connections with them. especially when you mention watching youtube and drawing, its also a lifestyle of mine 😄 its so cool to relate to someone so much.

      before you made your shadowbox, what inspired you to write your story?
      did writing the story out in public make you feel more comfortable?
      if you enjoy drawing, do you draw anything that is important to you (like family, friends, etc)?

      i appreciate your writing, it came out strong and full of life. it was inviting and very sweet. and i hope your art career carries on farther than mine lol. i look forward to any more of you interesting stories on your blog 😊.

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    why are you reading this?

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