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  • After reading your article, I have learned that the Oakland community has began to come together to bring awareness and trying to put an end to their fear. I feel that at home as well in our community we should never have to worry whether or not our children or family members and friends are at risk of never returning home. Or the fear of what…Read More

  • Dear Katie:
    I am intrigued by your post, “Should schools limit your online speech?”, because I also agree with you that schools should not be allowed to limit your online speech because it does not take place on school boundaries. When consequences are given to students due to events taken place online they are beyond their limits of con…Read More

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    Are you a firm believer that students online speech should be limited or not limited? Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are all wondering if students should be punished for their actions

    Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech?

    Are you a firm believer that students online speech should be limited or not limited? Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are all wondering if students should be punished for their actions on social media outside of school. It is...

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    • Vanessa, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your argument about why schools shouldn’t regulate a student’s online speech. By using Supreme Court cases and the ACLU to back up your thesis, your argument was well supported. Your writing was incredibly eloquent and concise making it easy to follow along and understand what you are saying. Another SCOTUS case to look at might be Bethel School District No. 403 v. Fraser ( In this case, the Supreme Court actually sided with the school instead of the student. The judges we once again able to define how a school can limit a student’s speech.

    • I think there are several issues at hand here. Obviously, cyber bullying is a cancer that came along with the digital age and needs to be dealt with, however schools should also ensure that they protect the rights of their students, like free speech. I think the best solution to this problem is for the courts and states to make laws around cyber bullying as a means to protect minors, because the courts are supposed to protect citizens from harm. Example’s include is cat fishing and giving threats. If cat fishing is a punishable crime and threats are punishable crimes, what makes cyber bullying different. However, if these things occur off of school property, they should be the states issue to deal with, not the schools. However that can go either way. If it does occur on school property, as most posts have times and locations now, then the school should be liable to deal with it because they have failed to protect their students. This website has some information on cyber bullying laws. What are some solutions that you think would benefit both victims get justice and the rights of all students?

    • I think that there are arguments to be be made either way. I found it interesting that you brought up the Tinker case, because I’m covering that case in another class right now. In the Supreme Court decision for the Tinker case, the court ruled in favor of the students, and the majority leader wrote that speech in school could be limited by the schools, but only if the speech would “materially and substantially interfere with the…operation of the school”. I think that based on this case and others like it, students should be limited in their online speech if it is interfering with the operation of the school. However, if their speech doesn’t interfere with the school at all, it shouldn’t be regulated.

    • Vanessa, thank you so much for writing this piece. I really enjoyed reading it, and I think that the concept of freedom of speech in schools is very interesting. When your brought up the point “If any bullying or harassment took place at on the premises of any school they would have the ability to take initiative in how they would like the situation dealt with”, it made me think of the Fraser case, which is similar to the Tinker Case, but has a different outcome. Free speech is allowed in schools, but not if it is affecting other student’s ability to learn in any way. I think you would like to check this out:

  • Dear Ivy, I am beyond thrilled by your post, “A Serious Matter: Deportation in Oakland”, because the topic of deportation has become a bigger issue since 2016. Many are afraid to speak the truth or simply just address the situation. When this takes place we do not hear how the families are challenged and what struggles they experience from the…Read More



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