• Before researching I knew there were many benefits to learning a new language because I have experienced them. However, I didn’t know the extent of the benefits. After reading many articles, I realized there w

  • I’m planning on writing a paper on the benefits of learning a new language. This topic is relevant to me because languages have influenced me throughout my entire life. I was introduced to languages right away. M

    • I speak more than 5 languages at home without counting English and having the opportunity to speak more than one language is so beneficial, I get to choose what language I want to speak in and go to a country where they speak that language and not feel left out. Since French was my first language, learning other languages like Spanish is still a skill I need to practice, but encouraging teen too take two years of language before graduating its as helpful as it is tough.

    • Luke replied 1 month ago

      Hello Sage. I love your thought provoking article. As a high school student I took three years of Spanish, and absolutely enjoyed it. By not only learning the languages of new countries we are also exposed to the different dialects, customs, religions, and ways of life that come with it. Being able to speak fluent in different dialects allows a deeper engagement with different backgrounds, and doors to so many different opportunities in different foreign countries. I totally agree that taking two years of a language should be required as we not only learn a different dialect, but the customs, and traditions, and history that comes with it!

    • Gigi replied 1 month ago

      I think that learning a different language can be very beneficial, it gives you the opportunity to be able to communicate with others that you wouldn’t have before done if you only knew one language.
      I am currently in AP Spanish and I love taking a language. I think that it is fun and a great way to learn about other cultures.
      I think that students should be required to take at least one foreign language so that they can give themselves an opportunity to learn different way of communicating.

    • Emma replied 1 month ago

      I am a person who took Spanish just because I had to. I think it would be amazing to be bilingual and wish I was but unfortunately I was no good at Spanish. I feel like the two years should be necessary in high school but not college. I feel like being bilingual would be very beneficial to your education and to help you further in life. It would make communication with people much easier when our country is so diverse.

    • Sage,
      I think this is such a good topic to research. Language is something that I love as well and I would love to learn more. At home, I speak Spanish with my parents because both of them were born and raised in Venezuela, so Spanish is their first language. When I was younger, I also spoke French but due to a lack of practice, I forgot most of it. I would love to re-learn French and maybe even some other languages.

    • Dear Sage,
      I’m liz I just want to say home much I enjoyed reading your experiences with language. I wish my mom would be a french teacher. I feel like knowing more than one language is a privilege because you get to communicate with people from around the world. I also feel it’s a challenge, but after you complete it you feel proud because you just learned a new language. Sincerely, Liz

  • Hi Jordan and Kait,

    I loved reading your piece. As a senior I totally understand what you guys are going through and agree that college costs should be reduced. I think that even colleges in general could reduce the costs of admission instead of having everyone pay more taxes. We all already pay enough taxes and I know that hard-working adults…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece! I recently wrote an argumentative essay on technology. However, I believe that technology is more beneficial than harmful to society. I agree there are some negative effects of technology, but that is only because of us; we aren’t utilizing technology in a correct manner. Some people use their phones when…[Read more]

  • My freshmen year of high school I had an exchange student named Jacob from Spain. Throughout the time he was here, we grew incredibly close. From making video stars to stealing each other’s food, he became a b

    • Dear Sage,
      I really enjoyed reading this piece! Recently in our expository writing class, we have been talking a lot about technology and the effects that it has on us. It was interesting to hear your perspective on technology and I love how you used a personal story to show how technology can help us. I agree with you on the fact that technology has helped to connect people around the world and has even made school easier. This was a great read and I loved hearing how you pointed out both positive and possible negative effects of technology.

    • Chloe replied 1 month ago

      I love how you started off with an anecdote, it made your essay more personal. The way you addressed a diverse range of topics helped develop your argument and made it more persuasive. Also, I like you addressed your counter argument and offered a solution, it made the negatives seem less relevant.

    • Sage,
      I really enjoyed reading this article. I loved how you started off with your exchange students, and told us about how you are using technology in a positive manner to benefit your life. I also made friends with an exchange students from Germany at my school, and we are still able to talk using technology. I do agree that because of technology it has benefited our lives, and made things more doable for us. I liked how you brought up multiple topics, and addressed them in a way that made your argument for persuasive. I wish you would have added in some more negative effects, because I do agree with you there are more positive thanks negatives with technology, that you need to bring up some more negatives. For example the cost of it now days, just like the iPhone X, it cost $1000 and its just a phone. But I really loved how you put this piece together, and I hope to read more from you one day!


    • Dear Sage,
      To start off, I liked how you told us your claim and the added a counter point in order to keep your readers interested. The whole time I was reading the article I was looking for ways you might say that technology was a negatively impacting our society and I’m glad that you proved that we benefit more from it. I agree that we have advanced our learning experiences by using iPad/ laptops and phones in class in order to access the inter-web.

    • Zach replied 1 month ago

      This is very interesting commentary, Sage. A lot of people, especially of the older generation, are of the opinion that technology has decreased our face to face contact and as a result of this we have lost many skills that we developed over years and years of evolution (https://www.theodysseyonline.com/does-technology-make-us-more-alone). While technology in certain situations makes us less social, I agree with you in that on the whole it keeps us connected, and allows us to see people daily that live all the way across the world. There are some cons to the daily use of technology, but I feel that there are far more pros to talk about.

    • Ravi replied 1 month ago

      Dear Sage,
      I enjoyed the opening paragraph where you talked about how technology has helped you stay connected with someone you otherwise would’ve lost touch with completely. I read many articles on how technology has cut down the time needed on researching for most people and allows them to https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2013/05/06/179072692/when-it-comes-to-productivity-technology-can-hurt-and-help in the article it talks about how technology greatly reduces time on research and increases time spent on anything else that is important. Reading your article i started to think about how even though technology helps us; it also has put society as a whole on a crutch. It seems as though we have become soly reliant on our trchnologies for everything which can be a bad thing, this was just a thought. Great read!

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    Love. There are so many different thoughts and feelings that I think of when I hear the word love. However, love is not just a word it is a feeling which is why it is my favorite. Obviously we have many feelings

    • WOW Sage! This piece of writing is original, thought provoking and amazing! I love the fact that you thought so much in depth about what this word means. It is crazy to think that when these four random letters come together that it can create so much feeling inside of a person. However I do believe that sometimes the word love is tossed around too much causing it to become confusing or loose meaning. You touched on this a little bit with your sentence about how do we ever know if we really love something. I love how you touch on both sides of the word love and really explain what it means to you and why you chose it!

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