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Upstander Reflection – Abortion Rights

Valerie Rodriguez Our project was to be an upstander for different topics. We chose our topic to be women’s rights / abortion but mostly revolved around abortion. Actions we did to fight for these rights was place posters around the school to get awareness from our peers. We also focused a lot on Instagram because we received a lot of […]

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Abortion Rights : Letter to Planned Parenthood

April 26, 2019 Dear Planned Parenthood : There are many people people who are against abortion and believe that killing a clump of cells is “ murder “ or “ homicide. “ It’s unfortunate because what a lot of people don’t realize is that when it comes to abortions — the women don’t want to remember either a traumatic experience […]

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OUSD and Problems

OUSD (Oakland Unified School District) has gone through a lot this decade. They have been in debt and lost many programs that help students. Of course, students are the ones to suffer since they are the ones who go to the schools. In this blog, you will see the many ways the district handles situations and what students have to […]

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In this poem I connected Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare) to Oakland. It is related because the first sentence is a line from the sonnet. This part later on shows that instead of it being the Montagues and Capulets, it is just the city of Oakland. Hope you enjoy my poem and please leave comments.     Two households, both alike […]

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Valerie’s Shadow Box

Shadow Box Artist Statement Valerie Rodriguez   This shadow box represents me by showing different parts of my identity. The inside shows counter narratives which means it comes from my life experiences. Meanwhile, the outside shows dominant narratives by saying some slurs and stereotypes said towards my identity. As you can see on the inside I am not dangerous and […]

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