• Dear Teresa,
    One sentence that stood out to me is when you shared stereotypes about your chosen and assigned identities. I liked how you go against the dominant narratives and speak your truth. Another sentence that stood out to me is when you shared a bit of Cambodia’s history. Thank you for writing and I am looking forward to seeing more.

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    One sentence that stood up to me is when you were talking about your family’s features. This is because you said you all looked alike which is cool. I am learning more about you like your mom’s and dad’s side of the family which is interesting. I enjoyed your shadow box because it shows a clear description of who you are. I hope to see more work…[Read more]

  • Shadow Box Artist Statement

    Valerie Rodriguez


    This shadow box represents me by showing different parts of my identity. The inside shows counter narratives which means it comes from my life experiences.

    • Dear Valerie,
      Your shadow box is really beutiful and unique. One sentece you wrote that stands out for me is “I see myself as a proud Mexican female who stands up for others by using my words as my weapons.” I really like this quote because it expresses how you are a proud Mexican female and that you aren’t what people say you are. Another quote I really like is,”We have the same strength as any other gender and aren’t different just because we have different body parts.” I really like this quote because now that we have a sexist president he says really nasty things about women. Overall, thank you for posting this
      Sincerely, Christy

    • Dear Valerie,
      Your shadow box is amazing! I saw the effort you put in it when we worked on our shadow boxes. I like how you explained the dominant narratives. The last sentence was so powerful just like Ms.Portugal says “ Words Have Power “. The baby pictures you included are so cute! Just like you ;). Overall your shadow box is amazing!

      Imelda 🙂

  • Dear Kaly, I am fascinated with your shadow box because it shows who you are in a doll-like version. I like the statue of the virgin mary because it shows that you strongly believe in her. A part that sticks out to me is the scenery because it it very detailed. Your art reminds me of a snowglobe or a doll house because it is a visual…[Read more]

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