• Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope is a book exploring the life of then senator Barack Obama and his view on our beliefs and history. Though he believes there are divisions within our nation that are u

  • I believe you make fantastic points Mr. Jake! But I personally agree that guns should be regulated in a sense. There is no reason for so many people to die from such incidents like Sandy Hook and Las Vegas. We need to work together in order to curve this endless cycle of death. Being divided on an issue doesn’t fix anything!

  • Hi Danny, your post was great! I really liked your usage of the declaration of independence. It’s one of most impotent documents second only to the constitution. You brought up many good points during your passage, and the only thing I would of preferred is that you used more examples of the values that we as Americans hold dear.

  • What are American Values? The American Creed is about the pursuit of dreams and happiness.. It has altered with time but it has generally remained the same. It still carries the core values of America and the

    • Kyle, I liked your post a lot. It was very convincing and did a good job of getting your point across. You used lots of different sources and I thought it was good the way you broke down ideals such as the american dream and related them to your argument. I like how not only did you have a lot of sources, but they were very diverse. Overall, I would say this is a well-written piece.

  • I like the attention to detail Matt! But despite the US being one of the wealthiest nations on the planet there are still many issues preventing us from having universal healthcare. We provide healthcare programs for the poor and elderly, but opening it up to the entire population would be a major tax burden on the typical tax payer. It would…[Read more]

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