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    Christina Archibald,
    Great job on your poem about love I liked the part where you said “my muscles keep me strong when i’m low” that line shows that your strong enough to not go down. Another thing that I liked was when you did a simile on the kline “Happy is where I see your face face like an angel that can’t leave me.An angel like a guardia…[Read more]

  • I am Ulises a 9th grader from Oakland. My poem is about violence and how there is abusers that kick out the people that were there before them. My poem also describes the homeless people’s struggles.

    Violence is

    • Dear Ulises,
      I enjoyed how you express how you see homelessness in Oakland. I thought this was a strong topic to talk about because all around Oakland and many other places lots of people are facing homelessness. Something that you could do better on is rhyming your poem or is repeating a word to make it flow clearly. But overall I like how this was like a statement about what prices raising are making people homeless.
      Sincerely, Christina A.

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    Dear, Anahi

    I am very impressed by your art your box was cool because you showed how strong you was for example you showed a woman holding up her fist or flexing. You also showed pictures of you and showed that you were confident. One last thing that I liked was how you showed stereotypes for example you showed girls in dresses and they don’t…[Read more]

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    Dear Kanika,

    I liked your box because you represented the stereotypes that society puts on you. Also another thing that I liked was that you put all the things you like and the things you are for example you put “caution whiz kid at work” I thought that was pretty cool.

  • This shadow box represents that I am a Good Brother,Straight and a Mexican. When people look at me, they see the Dominant Narrative which is that I am a young Hispanic.They, might also see that my future is being

    • Dear, Ulises
      One sentence that stood out to me in your artist statement was when you stated you wanted society to see you as a good brother that’s really adorable. To add on, another sentence that stood out to me was when you wanted to have no F’s and I see you in PLT already working on that pathway Good luck I know you can achieve your goals. Thanks for your artist statement and shadow box. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because this work was really great to look at.
      You rock!! Sincerely, Martha

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    • Dear Ulises,
      I am fascinated by your box because you used a big Mexican flag to represent your home country. I also like that you used an American flag on the other side of your box, even tho its small it shows were you live and were you life started. In addition I like how you put the oakland tree in your box because it…[Read more]

    • Hello my name is Pita Mavae and I go to Fremont High School and I would say that your Shadow Box is very good it shows that you have love and care for your family.
      I don’t really have any questions but I would say you did a very good job on this project.