• I believe that the world as a whole should put a focus on technological and scientific advancement to help further the Human race, I propose that we do this through the use of space. NASA and other space programs

  • NASA Memes’ to go with my topic of increasing funding for the exploration of space and technological research.


  • There have not been any major advancements in space travel in over a decade, there has not been a person on the moon since 1972, and new technology has been beginning to come at slower rates. During the Apollo

  • I enjoyed your info graphic and completely agree about the use of stem cells

  • This is an important topic that needs to be talked about, I appreciate all the facts that help push your argument.

  • I think that this is a great topic to shed some light on. I love that you have a proposed solution to the problem as well.

    • It surprises me how little, compared to everything else, NASA is funded, yet it contributes so much to society and knowledge.

    • What NASA does is really important, and it is really interesting how NASA is one of the most important programs, and it lacks funding.

  • Assignment: Find several sources and save citation information. Annotate at least one article using hypothes.is. Complete the XP by following instructions and sharing on Youth Voices.

    Here is a Link to an article

  • In the Novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the quest to find freedom is a predominant theme. This is shown through the use of two characters; Huck Finn, and Jim. Although both seek freedom, they seek it for

  • Growing up my parents always told me to do what makes me happy, that no amount of money will ever make up for doing something that you don’t enjoy. I didn’t really understand that at a younger age, being the kid t

    • I agree that you have to do what you love. As someone who wants to have a career as an artist I really relate to this topic because art is something I love and enjoy. I would rather have an enjoyable life making art than be rich but unhappy. I also really like how you used a picture you took in New York because it really adds to your message and makes your essay even more personal. Great job!

    • Great essay! I also agree that if you love what you do you will do good work, it’s almost common sense. It is just like that saying, “if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life”. I really like this philosophy and think that more people should carry the same mindset.

    • Dear Tyler, I totally agree with you that you cannot be truly happy if you don’t do something that you love. It can’t always work out to be a career but I like how you said that it can be a hobby of some sort. A kid always doesn’t see the world as other people but when they do, reality hits most of them hard. I believe it is always good to follow your dreams, even if it doesn’t work out I believe that there are good alternatives. Anyways you did a great job with this article and I hope it caught others attention like it caught mine.

    • Dear Tyler, This is a really great article. I agree with you that you have to fine and do something that you love. There is so many people out there in the world that think money is the most important thing. This is most of the time not true. People tend to be in situations where they get so much money but they are not happy with what they are doing with their life. These people can choose to do something about it or not change anything at all. Overall, we do need to do something that we actually love.

    • Dear Tyler,
      I am emotionally struck by your post, “The Only Way to Do Good Work is to Love What You Do,” because in my life, my mother always wants me to be a doctor though I like other careers. I’ve never complained because I knew that being a doctor racks in money which I also thought made people happy.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I thought money is what made people happy”. I think this is true in many cases because many kids see money as a way to get stuff. Useless stuff that somehow makes them happy, but when they grow older it is your choice of what you like to do best that is better then a high paying job.

      Another sentence that I agreed on was: “<when you can’t do this you feel lost,.” This stood out for me because many things in life, if not achieved make you feel lost. Like how I got lost when I failed a test, it brought me down. When I wanted to be a train driver my mother was like no become a doctor instead. It hurts to have your dream destroyed because someone’s saying is true.

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I got lost near Brooklyn and Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge, I went ahead to fast and lost track of my mother. I soon crossed the bridge to Manhattan and felt sad and lonely, feeling incomplete. Then I was reunited with my mother and I felt happy again. It is exactly like the example of being hurt when your dream is taken away

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this topic and the way you wrote it is very interesting. These many factors of life need to be known for many people to see the true meaning of life. Its not just money and having everything, it is about having and happiness.

  • “His foot swelled up pretty big, and so did his leg; but by and by the drunk begun to come, and so I judged he was all right; but I’d druther been bit with a snake than pap’s whisky.” (48)


    This purpose of

  • I do agree that there have been many lives lost to firearms, and that we do need stricter laws contriving them; but I also believe that American citizens have a right to bare arms. This being said I think we as a country must find a middle ground that will help prevent gun deaths but also allow American citizens to own and use firearms.

  • You do realize that anyone who makes over $100,000 pays at least 40% of their income towards taxes, this percentage goes up as the income goes up. At $500,000 you will end up paying around $255,000 in taxes, personally I believe that with our current economy our taxes should not be raised.

  • I agree, there should be consequences for illegal immigration. I also think that we should put countermeasures in place to help reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

  • Rest in spaghetti never forgetti

  • An issue that needs to be fixed in our country is a biased Media. Recently the Media has been strongly based on opinion or has only given facts that will persuade the masses. Important facts are being left out of

    • I’m your secret writing pal!!!! And I also think this piece of writing was really well said about media’s bias, and we should be receiving the truth which is most important. The media was invented to keep us aware of what was going on around us! So i agree!

      Have a good day

      Melaina 🙂

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