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    EVOL, LOVE it really doesn’t matter.The only things I love is my books and me.I might love a few more things but let’s keep it a that.Me and love have a hate and love relationship.Don’t get me wrong I dont hate

    • Skye replied 2 months ago

      Your writing is very eloquent and I really enjoyed reading it. The way you describe love, and the effect it has one people, is such a unique perspective. I also enjoyed how you described your own personal experience with love to better explain your perspective.

    • Tyahmiya, I really like your post. I especially liked how you described “love”. Love is a very hard word to define and sometimes it can define us. I think in your post you should have gone more into depth about what love can do when someone uses it.

    • Emma replied 2 months ago

      Tyahmiya, thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful writer, and I think you described love in a unique way. Love means different things for different people, so it was interesting to read your perspective on it. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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