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    Hey Strom, thank you for providing us with information about the dangers of pornography and fapping. I found an article that also gives more information about this topic. (https://www.frc.org/issuebrief/the-effects-of-pornography-on-individuals-marriage-family-and-community). It was interesting how you talked about dopamine and how each time your…[Read more]

  • Controversy has always been a topic around zoos and the humane aspect of keeping animals captive. Many people love going to zoos and seeing these animals, including myself. But in all reality, are these

    • Dear Timothy,
      I think this is an interesting and complicated topic. On one side I can see zoos being used for education purposes and conservation. On the other side I can see zoos being harmful and causing an environment that would be stressful to animals. I think zoos should focus on education and conservation. Sometimes zoos do shows with the animals, I think this should be prevented because it can cause the animals to feel extra stressed. Zoos should make sure they protect their animals and make their lives happy and stress-free. In what ways do you think zoos should change to help the quality of life in the animals?

      • Dear Timothy,
        I think this is a very interesting topic. I liked how you wrote about both sides of the arguments make on whether or not zoos are ethically correct. I think that zoos have to potential to inform the public about animal life. I found an article that gives steps that zoos can take to make their facilities more humane.

      • You bring up an interesting point with the balance between conservation justifying less than humane conditions. The article makes me wonder if zoos can evolve to a point where those ends justify the means. I remember reading about how different animals in captivity can have completely different behaviors compared to those in the wild. If zoos are used for conversational purposes to the point where the animal is extinct in the wild (such as the black rhino) how would the educational aspect change since the animals being observed differ from how they would naturally be?

    • Hello Timothy,
      I agree with you that zoos have both negative and positive aspects when looked at and that keeping animals in captivity has become more of a controversial issue nowadays. I wrote an article on this awhile back and found some interesting facts in it:


    • Timothy,
      This is a very interesting topic that you have raised. Personally, I have fond memories of my childhood and all the many zoos, animal parks, and other situations in which my family went to see animal exhibits. What I have realized is that there is a substantial amount of research that goes on in these situations where animals are kept captive. Their health conditions are taken care of by well trained veterinarians, their caretakers treat the animals as though they are their own children, and all of their necessities of life are provided for them. I know of one caretaker that actually took two monkeys to schools to teach children how intelligent they are. When they travelled, he simply put them in child car seats, dressed them in clothes, and they ate on plates with utensils just like we do as adults. Zoo animals are protected from predators and the elements. Some people would claim that those poor animals are cooped up in their cages, but those habitats are researched and scientifically constructed to be as much like the wild as possible. The alternative for these animals would be to always be running away from their predators, fending for their lives and food, and unfortunately the circle of life would cause many of them to perish. For those reasons, I believe zoos are still a very good idea for the purpose of educating the next generation and providing a good opportunity for scientific research. It may be selfish, but I still like to visit a good zoo now and then, and I want to be able to take my children to educate them as to the various animal species we have here on the Earth.

  • Sam, I agree with your opinion about how college football might loose tradition and love for the game. I also believe that with the distraction of money and sponsorships, many athletes may be more in it for the money than the tradition, love, and education that these schools bring.

  • Cruelty and effectiveness of animal testing is a large topic of discussion. Although there is a lot of benefits from understanding and finding results from testing on animals, many of these tests are cruel and

  • Aria, I agree with your statement and I believe that there should be better ways to provide test results without harming animals. We need to find a better alternative such as testing cells. Here is a link that provides further information: https://animal-testing.procon.org/ .

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