• How are you doing there Kayden,
    I found this post to be very unique. I would have never thought of what ninja turtle that I might be and it seems like I would be Donatello, even though I would like to be Leonardo. I believe that this article has a much deeper meaning to what a person’s personality can say about them and how they can…[Read more]

  • I really appreciate this post Yojana,
    I like how you are able to express yourself and showcase your emotions with your friends. It is a great thing to be able to enjoy the time you have with friends/family and it is great that you love it so much. People should see you for what you believe in, and what you enjoy to do and you showed…[Read more]

  • My parents always tell me “you have to get out and exercise, it will help you study to study”. I obviously took any chance that I could to get out of doing my homework, but I wonder how much of what my parents tol

  • I found this post to be very interesting Kayden, the question you posed about how twins affect each other’s lives is intriguing. The article that you included in the post is an interesting experiment that shows a good comparison of how twins “have their differences but build and learn from each other”. The idea of how twins are able to affect one…[Read more]

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    Hello Noah,
    I found this post to be extremely intriguing. The insight that you provide on how you interpret reading is fascinating, you have a good sense of perception on reading as well as connecting the foundation of reading into your personal life. You said that “personal communication and reading alike bridge the gaps among actions, thoughts,…[Read more]

  • Great article Calvin,
    Thank you for your insight on this topic and shedding some light on the things a lot of people do not want to talk about due to its controversy. I believe that your statement when you say people are”hurt by racism, and it effects everybody’s everyday life” is extremely accurate and people are beginning to be desensitized to…[Read more]

  • I love the concept of this post Jackalyn,
    I think the idea of what defines American Culture is often times hard to define because there is so much diversity within the nation which makes it hard to pinpoint what the culture of America truly is. I like how you incorporated a variety of different problems or “cultures” that America has and…[Read more]

  • I really appreciate your post Erick,
    I agree with you, I believe that the US is not headed in the right direction when it comes to the issues that are being portrayed in the news nowadays. I also like how you incorporated your life into your post and informing us where you come from as a person. That is truly amazing, I liked the line…[Read more]

  • This is a very intriguing concept Mauro,
    I like how you are incorporating something that you have personally been affected by into your assignment. What you are saying about the lack of funding that charter schools in your area recieves is an important issue that should be addressed. Something that could be included in your text is a way to…[Read more]

  • Throughout scouring the internet, I found that motivation is the thing that encourages a person to find out about, or study a certain topic. Motivation often leads to people setting goals for themselves and

    • I am intrigued by your post, because I like the way you explain how people motivate themselves. ” This can be an example of how students act in school in relation to a certain subject. If a person is passionate about the subject of math they will most likely be more inclined to pay attention and listen during the course and exacerbate their knowledge for the material.” Your explanation is truly accurate, people do better if they know the subject, if they have no experience on the subject, they are most likely lack on focusing and have no interest on learning.

    • Trey,
      This was a great topic. It’s crazy how we all differ in what motivates us and in what we are motivated to learn about. Not only does this impact us in school, but it impacts our futures, too. I completely agree with you that we are motivated to do better in something we are interested in. People always say “follow your passions” because we are more likely to put a lot of time and energy into succeeding since it intrigues us. I thought you brought up an interesting point about how we are naturally pulled to subjects and how this motivation is an intrinsic quality. Do you think we are born with an attraction to a certain subject that effects our motivation to learn about it later in life? Good job!!

    • I really liked your topic on motivation, you touched on topics that were easy to relate to. When you said “this can be example of how students act in school in relation to a certain topic” I could relate to this especially. If someone finds a topic interesting they will put more time and effort into learning more about that specific topic. Do you think that our parents interests have an effect on what subjects we find most interesting?

    • Trey,
      I really liked reading about this topic. Its such an amazing thing to think about that “If a person is passionate about the subject of math they will most likely be more inclined to pay attention and listen during the course and exacerbate their knowledge for the material. While at the same time the student does not like history, but is forced to take time to learn about it.”. This makes sense to me because I can easily relate to this. I too believe that people do better in the subjects that they are more attentive to than to those that they don’t find ant interest’s in.

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