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A Better Life for the Invisible Man

publication of the invisible man action

marry and the invisible man

the banging

The odor of the aroma of backed yam reminded the invisible man about his childhood in the south

worried by his thought, the invisible man decide to work and observe the aspects of the Harlem community

When the invisible man came back to Mary's house, I really liked when he said Red Flag while he smelled Cabbage

The reflect

The narrator and mary

The narrator is at the hospital and doesn't feel well

The Cruel Reality of the Invisible Man’s plot

Now he knows that he has been tricked!

The Cruel World of Racism

The invisible man finally got a job and need to work hard with Mr. Kimbro as superior

he also talk to Mr. Kimbro who is very discipline and even hard man

The betrayal of Dr. Bledsoe

He saw some advantages of using a famous name as he's using Emerson's

the betray of Dr. Bledsoe

the letter of recommendation

he discovered the real advantages of Dr. Bledsoe

the man out


The dark side of the dream

life in New York

he arrived

New York dream


the bus



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