• “In The united states of America the flow of education is stagnant, the Common Core system currently in place is, outdated, ineffective, and a waste of precious learning time.” 

    In our expository writing class

  • Trip wrote a new post, Research 1 year, 11 months ago

    In my expository writing class we are researching different topics with the intention of writing an essay on our individual topics. I am going to research the benefits and disadvantages between, Traditional

  • Trip wrote a new post, Wen 1 year, 11 months ago

    wen is a duck not a duck?

    -wen its a truck

    Wen is a cat not a cat?

    -wen its a bat

    Wen is a bat not a bat ?

    -wen its  a cat

    • Thank you for this moving piece, Trip. I thought it was very thoughtful. I really enjoyed the rhyming and repeating question pattern that you use throughout the poem. I think your stylistic spelling of ‘wen’ really adds something original to your writing. I would love to hear more from you as an author. Good luck on your future writing.

    • This is an incredibly inspirational poem. “wen its a cat” incredible.

    • I agree. This poem has changed the way I look at life. I love how it addresses current controversial topics in this nation. Thanks for this insightful experience.

    • This poem is amazing. After having read it all acne departed from my face. My grades got better. My reading level increased. When anything is stressing me out I simple recite your poem to myself and I feel better. When life intimidates me and tries to scare me into hiding, I stroll along, unaffected, boldly exclaiming, “wen is a bat not a bat? wen it’s a cat.”

  • Trip commented on the post, Venomous Water 1 year, 11 months ago

    I agree that work to help flint trailed off to a minimum as soon as media attention moved elsewhere, there needs to be a continuous effort to change the pipes and restore the quality of water. I would ask, what do you think should be done? What steps could be taken to do this?

  • I agree with what you have written and I think it might be interesting to add that money makes the game more violent and therefore too intense for a college student. The size difference between an NFL player and an NCAA player is frighteningly large but there must also be another reason for this difference in play style and amount of injuries.…[Read more]

  • I liked the idea you present in this argument. People often look back on the sport of baseball and see those for mentioned huge names, but forget about the peds involved. The sport was fine before and was only made less entertaining by these laws. I think it would be interesting to see a visual or textual statistic of the relationship between this…[Read more]

  • Our world is in the midst of an energy crisis, prices are going up and resources are growing more scarce. In our time, 2017, there should be a solution to the many problems put forth by our energy consumption

  • Trip wrote a new post, Super 2 years ago

    Super, a double edged sword. Extremely good or extremely bad. The versatility that the word super possesses is intriguing, it can be used as a way to describe something of great nature, a super hero. However at

    • Dear, Trip
      I’ve learned so many things from reading this post about power only just knowing the simple meaning of power. I’ve learned that there is many meanings behind the word power either in a negative or positive way. One statement you made that stood out to me was when you said” However at the same time it can mean the opposite in the right context, super villain. These are not the only ways to demonstrate the full usage of the word super. ” This caught my attention because there is only one way to show the power of someone like super man or super villain. This got me to think of much ways that power can be used for and thanks to you I have been thinking of way power can be used in a every day life .

  • Based on the information that you have provided do you think that we should use nuclear power? do you believe that it has the potential to become the earths primary source of energy?

  • This is a good representation of what you are trying argue/inform the reader of. I would argue with you that global warming is a huge problem and that a larger effort needs to be made in order to stop global warming.

  • Trip commented on the post, Gun Control 3 years ago

    When something is made illegal there is immediately a black market for that item. We can observe this by looking at prohibition in the 1920’s, the government outlawed alcohol but there was a black market for it, so alcohol was still bought and sold just without government regulation. So as a byproduct of this more people were getting killed over…[Read more]

  • Illegal Immigration is a huge debate in this upcoming presidential election. There are two opposite sides, Donald Trump who wants to build a wall to try and restrict the number of illegal immigrants, and Hillary

    • This is very nice story. The facts in your article are interesting because I never knew that most illegal immigrants come by air and over stay their visas. So all and all this article just shows why we don’t need a wall for over 12 billion dollars of tax payers money.

    • Mason replied 3 years ago

      Really good point. I think that Donald Trump supporters support the wall but really don’t realize how much this will cost and the implications it will burden on the United States. 12 billion dollars could be used to fund cancer research or used to reduce our national debt. Really good point!

    • You seem very passionate about this subject, it may help help get your point across if you put more love into your work by perhaps reading it through for correct grammar. Other than that I see a whole new point of view on the subject. I would also like if you cited your sources allowing us, the reader, to further research if felt so inclined. Keep up the hard work and talking about what you believe in!

    • I completely agree that we do not need a wall around the US. Not only is it expensive and overall pretty pointless but it would make our foreign affairs extremely hard. I read an article about the wall on yahoo and it said that basically everyone else would hate us which would be a serious problem for us and hurt our economy extensively.

    • Seth replied 3 years ago

      First of all according to Politifact your claim about 40% of illegal immigrants coming by plane is inflated by about 10-20%. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/sep/08/jorge-ramos/ramos-40-undocumented-immigrants-come-air/

      Second, I think the important part about having a discussion about something so important is to avoid bias and to accept facts that may not necessarily support your argument. The fact remains, however, something needs to be done about immigration so on that point I agree with you.

    • Allie replied 3 years ago

      Preach! Many people complain about Trump and the wall without information to back up their beliefs. You had reliable information to show why the wall is a bad idea.

    • Erin replied 3 years ago

      I completely agree, and I think it is despicable that we have s presidential candidate who proposes such ignorant and hateful policies rooted in racism and a lack of understanding of our current system. The statistics you provided show that the wall will do nothing but hurt the entire American economy, the American people, our work force, and international relations.

    • Emma replied 3 years ago

      I think you have a great point with this but I believe if you could refer to move evidence it could make your point even stronger.

    • I can agree somewhat on the wall, but your view of the judicial system is unjustified, as these immigrants here ILLEGALY are not US citizens and therefore do not have constitutional rights and therefore they forfeit their right to a lawyer and they have to pay for one. The system in use is not at as corrupt and unfair as you think because even if they are contributors, they are illegal and therefore not citizens.

    • As a fellow American, I respect your opinions, however I respectfully disagree. To start, your point about the 12 billion dollars shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the American economy. We spend over 400 billion dollars per year on the military, so 12 billion paid once will not even dent our budget. On top of that, this will decrease border patrol costs so it will really save us money. Also, much of the potency of your argument is neutralized by improper proofreading and use of grammar, so I would try to be more careful with that. Also, I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the US constitution. You say that they are violating laws by not giving the immigrants lawyers, however these people are not American citizens so they are not given the rights the Constitution grants to American people. I also take your points with much skepticism, as some of the factual information you claim is unsourced and seems quite far-fetched, like the air immigration point. Just some things to consider, I hope we can both learn from this experience.

    • Mae replied 3 years ago

      I think that you make some good points. However, if you fix some of the grammar mistakes it will help persuade your audience. Also, you have many statistics, but no citations so it is hard to know if they are reliable or if they come from a bias source.

    • Abbi replied 3 years ago

      I think that you make a lot of very good points in this piece. That being said, I would like to see more sources for information, just so, as a reader, I know the credibility of what you’re saying.

    • You seem very interested about the illegal immigration as being a rising epidemic. This is becoming a bigger concern especially with the upcoming election approaching and the presidential candidates, particularly the one with the plan to build the wall. I saw a whole new point of view on this subject and found it very intriguing.

    • I completely agree with you, build a wall seems irrelevant when we can contribute more to this country using those 12 billion in homeless people, food banks and schools. Also, the facts that you used are great and help us understand the other side of the coin, not only what Donald Trump make us believe. I hope that posts like this will lead to a completely understanding of the true consequences of that wall.

    • Dave replied 3 years ago

      If 40% are arriving by air, then how does the rest 60% arrive? Also, keep in mind, the constitutional rights, such as right to trial, is only intended for American citizens. These rights are not pointed at non-U.S citizens. Also, coming to a country in the first place illegal or undocumented is a problem in itself.

    • Ian replied 3 years ago

      I thoroughly agree with this article it would be better to save that money for creating jobs eliminating fosil fuels and getting the homeless places to live. These are just a few of the possibilities we could do with 12 billion dollars

    • Comment: I agree with everything you are saying and can relate to some of this, since my parents crossed the border. If they build a wall all the immigrants that work in the field will stop working and this will lead to few processed food in our local grocery store. Also if they build the wall all the agricultural jobs will not be done by some Americans. I highly agree with you and think that we will fall in need if we build the border.

    • I think that you make a lot of very good points in this piece. That being said, I would like to see more sources for information, just so, as a reader, I know the credibility of what you’re saying. Other than that this is a very nice story, it makes a really good point.

    • I agree with your feeling towards the useless wall, and unjust trials. Instead of worrying on how to keep people out, let us find a way to resolve the issues that are causing these people to migrant, let us find solutions for gang and cartel violence, and give the protection to those who need it.
      If you want to know more about the unjust ways in which people are deported, you should research the number of apprehensions (detainment of immigrants) and how they are causing a backlog in cases.

    • This is a very good piece of writing. I am your secret writing buddy.

  • Trip wrote a new post, Gun Control 3 years ago

    One of the large concerns of the American people is gun control and whether or not we should continue with the same level of freedom or make more strict laws. Guns should only be legal to a certain extent. Some

    • I highly agree with you because i have known multiple people who are victims of gun violence and know that their needs to be some type of control on these dangerous weapons.

    • Dear trip :
      I am surprised by your post , “Gun Control” because most people be buying guns. Most of the people that buys guns are people that are involved with gangs.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “if no one was allowed to buy guns they would still be bought and solid like drugs and there would be even less regulation and more violence would occur because people would kill to get a gun.” I think this statement is not true because if people was not allowed to buy guns than no one would be able to have one even if there were to kill each other for a gun. Also I think that if someone wants to kill they can use another weapon it does not has to be a gun.
      Another sentence that I picked was: “One of the large concerns of the American people is gun control and whether or not we should continue with the same level of freedom or make more strict laws.” This stood out for me because I think they should make a law where no one would be allowed to buy a gun. Guns should be banned.
      Your post reminds me of something that I seen on tv. There was people shooting to the sky and then many people died because the shots hit them.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your post sounds interesting and I think it can lead to a better solution.

      • Trip replied 3 years ago

        When something is made illegal there is immediately a black market for that item. We can observe this by looking at prohibition in the 1920’s, the government outlawed alcohol but there was a black market for it, so alcohol was still bought and sold just without government regulation. So as a byproduct of this more people were getting killed over obtaining alcohol, and many more people died of alcohol poisoning. It’s the same principle with guns, if guns were totally taken away the same thing would happen, people would get killed to obtain a gun. This is why I said we need more regulation but it would be a mistake to take away guns totally. As to the point you made about using other weapons, using a knife or bat what have you is much more up close and personal than a gun, not everyone is willing to look into someone’s eyes as they die. Thank you for reading my post and for your input.

    • Ben replied 2 years ago

      I am intrigued by, your essay because you are very knowledge about the topic most people that are for gun control are not very educated about firearms. Making guns harder to get will not fix 62% of the gun deaths in the US because those deaths are suicides. Not everyone can just walk in and get a gun like you said 19.8 million people can not get guns in the US because they have a felony on there record.

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