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Breathe Life into Shakespeare

I chose to read lines 3.3.369-378 in the play Othello, which is a short monologue by Iago, the villain of the play. I discovered that varying the tone, inflection, and other qualities could really affect how the passage came across. I never had really thought about how these affect the performance itself, but this activity showed me that the meaning […]

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Othello Close Reading Analysis

Passage 1 paraphrase: Father, I’m stuck between two sides on this decision: You provided me my life and education Which means I must respect you, Since I am your daughter and you are my master. But here’s my husband, so I owe him more respect. And even my mother showed duty to you before her own father. This is hard […]

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Five Levels of Self-Driving Cars

One technological advance that has the potential to completely change the world is the development of self-driving cars. The technology we have today isn’t quite to the level of completely autonomous cars, but it could get there in the future. As this technology advances, it is important to develop a distinction between the different levels of self-driving cars. To identify […]

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Jobs and Self-Driving Technology

There are many major developments and advances in technology that are expected to occur in the future. However, one of the most interesting topics is self-driving cars. While many people expect self-driving cars to be a good thing and a benefit to society, one issue that is not talked about very much is the issue of driving-related jobs and where […]

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Self-driving cars and fuel consumption

Among other major advances, self-driving cars are expected to become commonplace in the future. American car manufacturers say that they will have self-driving cars on the market within twenty years. A recent from TIME, “Why Self-Driving Cars Might Not Lead to a Drop in Fuel Consumption” focused on the environmental impact of self-driving cars and how we don’t really know […]

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Self-Driving Technology

When people think about self-driving technology, it’s usually thought of as only a good thing. No one really ever thinks about any potential downsides of it. However, this article in The Atlantic highlights some major issues, such as the possibility of free sponsored transportation. This would be like many free apps on devices today, which are free because they make money […]

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The Death Penalty

Of the many major social issues in today’s world, one of the biggest issues is the death penalty. I feel strongly about this issue, and I would argue that the death penalty needs to be abolished. The death penalty’s use is mostly due to an “eye for an eye” desire for revenge. To me, it isn’t fair that governments have […]

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Is there a dark side to technology?

As our world makes repeated advances in technology, we often hear about future benefits. For example, we often hear that advances in emissions technology will help keep our air cleaner, and that future self-driving cars could reduce car accidents and deaths. However, we don’t often hear much about the negatives of technological advances.   According to, our world today […]

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Why does Utah have inversions?

In Salt Lake City each winter, the “inversion season” happens, where for weeks at a time between storms, the air turns brown with smog. The normally beautiful views and landscapes become hidden by fog and haze, and the mountains only a few miles away cannot be seen. I have always wondered why this is a common occurrence here in Salt […]

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What will Utah be like in the future?

Living in Utah, I am always hearing things like “Utah is growing very fast” on the news. I have always been curious about why this is, and also whether or not this will affect what Utah is like in the future. I have always suspected that the growth is due to the high birth rate since the majority of the […]

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What will the future be like?

  I already know that lots of technology is being developed today, such as self-driving cars. Technology will almost certainly advance in the future, but no one really knows how. I want to know more about the future, more specifically, in what ways will technology advance? There are so many ideas of what the future will be like, for example flying […]

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