• I chose to read lines 3.3.369-378 in the play Othello, which is a short monologue by Iago, the villain of the play. I discovered that varying the tone, inflection, and other qualities could really affect how the

  • Passage 1 paraphrase:


    I’m stuck between two sides on this decision:

    You provided me my life and education

    Which means I must respect you,

    Since I am your daughter and you are my master.

    But h

  • Kevin, this is a really interesting post. In general, people expect the government to protect the rights of everyone. But at the same time, they know it can’t actually do that fully. You might find this article helpful: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2014/dec/03/un-human-rights-business-government-policies. Thank you and I look…[Read more]

  • Hailey, this is a really interesting topic. The nature-versus-nurture debate is always a hot topic, and the easiest way to test that is through twin studies. The most fascinating cases happen when twins are separated at birth and then reunited much later in life, and they discover they have a lot of the same interests even though they spent none…[Read more]

  • One technological advance that has the potential to completely change the world is the development of self-driving cars. The technology we have today isn’t quite to the level of completely autonomous cars, but i

  • Chanburak, this is very interesting. Our class read 1984 earlier this year and we analyzed many aspects of it, but I don’t think we ever talked about love and sex. I agree with you that Orwell is commenting on the nature of love and sex as something that is taken for granted, and not appreciated or respected. I found most interesting that Julia…[Read more]

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    Isaac, this is a very interesting topic. Personally, I don’t think Bitcoin is usable as a currency, simply because of its huge price swings, such as in recent months. It does seem to be treated as more of a stock than a currency. You might find this helpful:…[Read more]

  • There are many major developments and advances in technology that are expected to occur in the future. However, one of the most interesting topics is self-driving cars. While many people expect self-driving cars

    • Great post Thomas! I have a friend who’s dad is a truck driver for Shipex. He has brought this same topic up in conversation and said that the idea of self driving trucks doesn’t scare him that much. The reasoning he gave was that the change wouldn’t happen in his lifetime or at least before he retires. But he still believes that the change toward a no driver system is a definite change in the future. I think that if you are to make a future post you should include more pros and cons for self-driving tech, such as the security behind self-driving cars being a major obstacle, especially because the technology would be of very high interest to hackers.

  • Tyler, this is a very interesting topic which is very important in sports today, especially football. My cousin plays competitive soccer and has had three concussions, so I am familiar with how they affect athletes. The problem is that a lot of times, when athletes get concussions, they won’t report them because they don’t want to be restricted…[Read more]

  • Among other major advances, self-driving cars are expected to become commonplace in the future. American car manufacturers say that they will have self-driving cars on the market within twenty years. A recent from

    • Dear Thomas,
      I am very intrigued about your post on self-driving cars because it’s definitely something thats going to happen in the very near future. People are going to be driven to work by their cars while probably sitting back and eating breakfast on the way. I agree with you that there are going to be some downsides like emissions and gas usage, but there are also going to be some positives like less accidents which would be a major plus. Your post is very interesting and makes me want to continue doing research about technology in the future. Thanks for writing, I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Dear Thomas,
      I really like your post, “Self-Driving Cars & Fuel Consumption” because you give both good things about self-driving cars and the downsides that there is to it too. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “As a result, people will probably drive more often and farther, which would increase fuel consumption and emissions.” I think that it is interesting that the distance at which people drive to will increase. I think that maybe since people don’t have to drive themselves they’ll be okay with going to farther distances. Another sentence that I like is, “As a result, people will live farther and farther away, and if they make that longer commute to work, the emissions and fuel consumption from their cars will increase.” This stood out for me because it is true an increase in fuel consumption from cars is not good for the environment. I agree that higher fuel usage is bad, but self driving cars will be safer for people when driving. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your thinking is very interesting. You thought through things when you made the different arguments.

  • Ed, this is a really interesting topic, and one that is relevant to a lot of people. Although I’m 18, which is the legal age of adulthood in the US, I find that in most ways, life hasn’t actually changed a whole lot. The system in America definitely doesn’t make sense to me. For example, why are you mature enough to drive a car at 16 but not…[Read more]

  • Francisco, I really liked this post. Drug abuse is a huge problem in our country, and the government should indeed have a role in helping to stop it. For people already using drugs, the role of government should really be to help people recover, not simply throw them all in prison as seems to be the case. Drug education would also help people not…[Read more]

  • PJ, this is a very interesting topic, and I definitely agree with this. I hate having to memorize things when in any real world application you would be able to easily look them up. You might find this article helpful: https://medium.com/@finleyt/why-rote-learning-doesnt-work-and-what-does-work-4d890d7ca916 . I’m looking forward to what you will…[Read more]

  • When people think about self-driving technology, it’s usually thought of as only a good thing. No one really ever thinks about any potential downsides of it. However, this article in The Atlantic highlights some

  • Sofia, I’m glad you posted this. This is definitely a hot issue in local Utah politics. Another issue with this that I’ve heard on the news is that certain counties in southern Utah have lost a lot of money and land with the monument designations. You might find this article helpful:


  • Ishak, I enjoyed reading your post, and I’m impressed with your English skills with only three years of learning. I would agree that being bilingual or multilingual is definitely a huge advantage in life. You may find this article helpful: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160811-the-amazing-benefits-of-being-bilingual. I’m looking forward to…[Read more]

  • Max, this is a very interesting topic. My parents are doctors themselves, and they reference the Hippocratic Oath which all doctors make, which prohibits them from being involved in ending a life. You might find this article helpful: https://www.thehastingscenter.org/briefingbook/physician-assisted-death/ .

  • Of the many major social issues in today’s world, one of the biggest issues is the death penalty. I feel strongly about this issue, and I would argue that the death penalty needs to be abolished. The death

    • Thomas, I agree that the death penalty should be changed but not abolished because of it’s dehumanizing nature. However I don’t think the reason for it is because of revenge I think the idea is that if someone is that dangerous to society then to keep everyone safe we must. I see the problem during the tedious trial all death row cases face, not only are they long and expensive but over used. This article(https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/facts-about-deterrence-and-death-penalty) explains the difficulties with the trial and gives specific examples. I think what we must do to change this is really look at the case and see if it’s necessary, which most of the time it is not. Hope to read more from you.

    • Thomas,
      I agree that the death penalty should be done away with, its outdated and ineffective and it costs way too much for what it doesn’t do anymore. It’s an inhumane practice because why should a governing body be able to determine whether or not a person should stay living?

    • After reading your article, I agree with you about not having the death penalty. In my own research I found that some prisoners would rather die than have life in prison. Suicides cause the most death in jail, in fact, “Suicide was the leading cause of inmate deaths in local jails, and accounted for 35 percent of jail deaths” (1). If we get rid of the death penalty, the people who were going to get executing will get life in prison and that 35% will rise and the prison will get a free death penalty which will be good because the death penalty costs more than life in prison. The death penalty cost $500,000+ more than prison: “Cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million. Maintaining each death row prisoner costs taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in general population” (2). This shows that if we we do not have the death penalty that we would save about $500,000 and I found that in 1999, 98 people were executed which costs about $123,480,000 when if we did not have the death penalty it would cost about $72,520,000. Meanwhile, in my research I found that the victim could be innocent. About 4% of people but on death row might have actually been innocent. “The four authors reviewed the outcomes of the 7,482 death sentences handed down from 1973 to 2004. Of that group, 117, or 1.6 percent, were exonerated. But with enough time and resources, the authors concluded that at least 4.1 percent of death row inmates would have been exonerated.” (3). This shows that we could be taking 117 people from there families and friends for no reason because we have the death penalty. Now if we did not have the death penalty the families could at least give them a visit in prison. So therefore that is why I agree with this article.

  • Yanaire, I enjoyed reading your post. Racial equality is definitely a major issue in today’s world, and one that needs to be talked about more. You might find this article helpful: http://www.people-press.org/2015/08/05/across-racial-lines-more-say-nation-needs-to-make-changes-to-achieve-racial-equality/ I look forward to reading more from you on…[Read more]

  • Ellie, I enjoyed reading this post, this is definitely a big issue in today’s world. Both my parents are doctors, so I hear about this on a daily basis. In fact, they believe most of this opioid crisis is caused by doctors prescribing opioids for their patients when they don’t really need them. You might find this website helpful:…[Read more]

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