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  • I’m really interested in this part:

    “Love is a selfless act of giving, yet here the speaker violates the purity of love by aggressively pushing his lover towards sex. In addition, relationships depend on mutual consent, an aspect that is clearly missing in “To His Coy Mistress.””

    For many audiences across many generations, this poem was tho…Read More

  • Type my thesis, here
    I picked this gif because thesis statements are DRAINING

  • I remember a time where the Christmas season encroaching its way into pre-Thanksgiving November was a SHOCK. Now, it’s pretty much expected that the Christmas season starts on November 1.

    There was a period of my life where I was pretty Grinchy on Christmas, mostly because I thought it was too much. In recent years, I’ve fallen away from this…Read More

  • As I mentioned in class, this piece took a turn, and such a cool one, Izzy!

    There’s obviously a wide breadth of further research you could do on how studying pre-historic DNA can prove insightful for combatting modern medical issues.

    More interesting to me, however, is the bigger picture concerning this piece and the nature of scientific…Read More

  • Ha….. floated!!

    I think you might have a flair for these types of pieces– blogposts which dig deep into the origins of iconic yet taken-for-granted products and toys.

    Your research on the rubber duck’s patent is really interesting, and I’m wondering what other products saw a change in popularity because of expired patents.

    Also, this…Read More

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