Dear, Mr/Mrs. President

    Immigration has been a problem for quite a while and it really needs to be looked into more than it is. I don’t get why mostly every person thinks that those coming into the U.S wi

    • Hey Diego, this is an amazing article. This actually taught me some things that I didn’t even know about immigrants.(i.e being denied government services). I also think that the controversy about this subject is very diverse. Our founding fathers actually came into this country as immigrants and I think the government often forgets that. Though there are some immigrants with bad intentions, the majority are just in search of a better life. They can’t say that immigrants are taking all of our jobs because there are jobs that only immigrants have the drive to do. There is so much to be done in effort towards a better America so maybe creating more jobs would solve that problem. They sell America as the “Promise Land” but find it hard to let people in, thereby contradicting themselves. Though, there is a process for converting immigrants into citizens. I just think that the process is long and dreadful. I don’t get how they want us to look at the Police Department as non-corrupt, beyond the few that abuse their power; But wont look at all immigrants as human beyond the few terrorist and criminals. We all deserve a fair shot.

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