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Othello Close Reading II

Desdemona 1.3.208-218 Dad, I am divided on my duty to you and the man I love You gave birth to me and educated me. I learned how to respect you as you are my father. I am your daughter, but he is my husband And I owe him the same duty that my mom showed you when she abandoned her […]

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Will we ever be able to get religion out of politics?

I have recently been thinking about my original thesis for my essay, the only concern of it was if it was possible to be a good person without believing in a god or holding a religion. After reviewing it and thinking more in-depth about that topic, I realized that the thesis that I originally had not only been argued throughout […]

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Argumentative Research Essay: “Objective Morality after Darwin (and without God)?”

Upon my reading of “Objective Morality after Darwin (and without God)?”, I came to find a number of new evidences supporting my side of a person not needing God to be a good person. It provided me with new arguments I hadn’t thought of, and a concession to a previous argument, one which I discussed in previous Youth Voices post, […]

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Can you be Good Without God? Argumentative Research Paper, part 2

After reading “Secularism and Islam: An Unacknowledged Kinship,” I was able to take away an incredibly strong point that I will be able to use in my argumentative essay. Furthermore, I learned about a number of similar beliefs that Muslims and Secularists hold in common. Along the way, I learned quite a bit about Islam, a religion that I have […]

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Can You be Good Without God?: Argumentative Research Essay

In my research, I found more and more compelling arguments as to how it is possible to be good without god. Louise M. Antony, writing for the NYTimes, points out that morality and god do not necessarily go hand in hand. She explains that if there was no god, torture and human suffering wouldn’t mean anything to us. I then […]

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SLC Air Quality: Social Impacts

The air pollution during the winter months in Salt Lake City, Utah is despicable. The mountains that surround Salt Lake cause the regular atmosphere to be inverted, meaning warm air traps the cold air underneath it; this is called an inversion. While this alone doesn’t pose any environmental threats, it is when we begin to pollute the air that we […]

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How Close Are We to Producing Humans?

Think of a world where we could change our own genetics. We could weed out our imperfections and make better version of ourselves. This world is becoming more and more of a reality with each day that passes. Recent advances in genetic engineering have been bringing us into reach of a dystopian world where we can genetically alter ourselves or […]

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My favorite word is ‘reasonable’. For starters, the word is applicable in nearly all situations, and it is what everyone should expect from one another. Let’s say, for example, you sit down and accidentally spill some water on the floor. You might take offense if somebody started belligerently screaming at you for spilling the water, and you would be right […]

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Why Do People Make Bad Decisions?

I have always wondered why we, humans, continually make bad decisions. That question has always run through my head when I see something in the news or read a paper about someone screwing up badly. It intrigues me even further when I am the one at fault. Often times I feel stupid and question my own reasons for why I […]

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Where will we be in 50 years?

When thinking about the future, I can’t know anything for sure; I can only make assumptions. What I can do, however, is look back in history to 50 years ago and compare the world today to the world in 1967. The amount of technologies and differences that we have today, compared to 50 years ago, are beyond belief. I can […]

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