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  • tonyrob

Dear Katie, I liked your short story about Bear very much! I thought that you had a lot of good sensory details which made the story come alive and brought it closer to your audience. I hope you write another piece that starts off where you ended, describing one of...

Dear Melissa, I found your topic of drug addiction research to be incredibly compelling. All of the research you sited reminded me of what happened in Portugal, where the government made radical changes in their country's drug policy based on the scientific research that had been coming in (

Dear Mary, You did an excellent job of presenting both sides to the argument that your going to take on! It's nice to hear both sides of an argument explained so well. I looked into this topic myself and found another great website that presents another side your argument:...

Jaden, While reading this poem, I thought that I was reading Whitman himself. You wrote so eloquently and did a truly fantastic job of imitating the style of the original poem. I thought you might like to have a go at doing your own take on another one of his...

Dear Alison, I very much enjoyed reading your essay on healthcare, and it really opened my eyes to another one of the problems that so many immigrants today face. Healthcare is one of the most basic rights I believe everyone in this country should have. I took a look...

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What Makes a Person Religious? View Comment
  • @tonyrob
  • February 12, 2018

Dear Zach, I was very happy when reading your article as I am writing about a similar topic, "Can You be Good Without God." I was quite pleased with some of the links you provided, as I will also use them in my research paper. Here is an article that...

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Blogging a Research Paper! View Comment
  • @tonyrob
  • February 6, 2018

Hey Eric, I think the topic your writing about is absolutely fascinating! I found an article that examines a similar topic. It discusses the possibility that our minds and machines will one day come to work together. When reading your to essays in conjunction, I think of a world...

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Artificial Intelligence View Comment
  • @tonyrob
  • February 6, 2018

Hey Anthony, I think a great topic to start your paper off with is discussing how close we actually are to being able to produce artificial intelligence. I found a great article that examines the timeline we're looking at ( ). Hope this helps! Tony

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