• Think of a world where we could change our own genetics. We could weed out our imperfections and make better version of ourselves. This world is becoming more and more of a reality with each day that passes.

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    My favorite word is ‘reasonable’. For starters, the word is applicable in nearly all situations, and it is what everyone should expect from one another. Let’s say, for example, you sit down and accidentally spill

  • I have always wondered why we, humans, continually make bad decisions. That question has always run through my head when I see something in the news or read a paper about someone screwing up badly. It intrigues me

    • Anthony, I did a post on stress not too long ago so I can understand your perspective on this topic. you say not thinking is a factor to why you make a bad decision but why don’t you think, is there a scientific reason or emotional, what is it? when I talked about stress i mentioned stress of failing so I totally agree with your comment on taking shortcuts. people want to succeed so bad they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. this link(https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201107/how-deal-best-failure-and-stress) should help you look into that. you also mentioned nature v. nurture so my question is this need to succeed taught or instinctive? can’t wait to hear back.

  • When thinking about the future, I can’t know anything for sure; I can only make assumptions. What I can do, however, is look back in history to 50 years ago and compare the world today to the world in 1967. The a

    • Dear Anthony,
      I am significantly interested in what you had to write about in your article because it is such an obscure topic that isn’t brought up and talked about frequently. It’s interesting to have a desire to know about what happens in the future. One thing that you had said that speaks out to me was when you said, “The amount of technologies and differences that we have today, compared to 50 years ago, are beyond belief.” This is fascinating because I have not really thought about comparing our life now to 50 years ago. It’s deranged to think that we, as people, had developed so much in every capacity of doing anything; technology, science, language, acceptance, etc. This is a topic that has an obligation to be brought up more than it should currently.

    • Dear Anthony,
      I am intrigued by your post but I would like to see more of your own point of view even though it is a assumption like everybody else I would just like to see what you think.One thing that stands out to me is “The amount of technologies and differences that we have today, compared to 50 years ago, are beyond belief.” I too believe that technology has come very far but I would like to know what you will see what technology you think will be around in 50 years.Thanks for sharing your post I hope to see you write in the future about what you think will happen with technology.


    • i am interested with your post because these are questions that i have thought about before. i have thought about where i will be in the future even though we cant see into the future we all still think about it. i liked how you brought up how you looked back 50 years and talked about how everything and everyone used to be, everything is going to be different in 50 years but we will always use the past to compare how we think the next 50 years are going to be.

    • Dear Anthony,
      I am tremendously hooked on the topic you wrote because I like to think about stuff like that sometimes. One sentence I really connected to was,” I’m very much interested in technology, so I would very much like to know what scientists have to say about the goals for the technology that they are currently developing.” To me this peaked my interest because I am always looking at our advancements into the future as humans whether it be in space exploration or technology. I really enjoyed this post and hope to see more like it in the future.


    • I am interested in what u had to say about where we would be in 50 years because its crazy to think we will move onto a different planet with water and we can survive on a planet other than earth. This has a really great point and good discussion.

    • I am intrigued by your post because it is cool to imagine what the future will be for the next generations and daily life will change. There are a few errors in your spelling though, for example change “can’t” you cannot. Also make the post as if you are the one talking and giving the information the another website.

      One thing you said that stands out to me was “…look back in history to 50 years ago and compare the world today to the world in 1967.” I think this is very interesting because the world has changed so much. The way our grandparents and parents loved back in those times is really different to what eew live now. Including the technology, they did not have as much technology as today.

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